9 thoughts on “2016 Election Turnout: Nearly Half of Eligible Voters Effectively Voted For No President- Americans waking to election illusion??

    • Interestingly, ebolainfo, that number is slightly less than the 50% of the electorate who identify themselves as “independent” – ie who have no voice because they reject both major political parties.


  1. If our vote counts and we elected not to vote because of what our options were, then why was this election not ruled, null and void by the sheer numbers of voters who refused to partake in this farce? This is exactly why we must surely realize now that our votes(or non-votes) have never mattered.

    We The People spoke and who is listening? Exactly!

    I voted by NOT voting because there was no alternative. I refused to vote for that corrupt war criminal Hildabeast and at the same time, I refused to vote for a misogynistic, insane, childish bigot! I chose to abstain rather than have my conscience ‘stained’ by having voted for one of those two vile creatures!


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