The Joker (Trump) will reform or eliminate corrupt US Institutions?

Good question – what are the odds of Trump abolishing the CIA?


We have Trump as the winner of the “Consenting to the lesser evil” election.

Will the drug dealing, regime changing CIA be abolished?
How about the NSA, who or what does it serve, certainly not the US people?
Will Trump audit the Federal Reserve or even abolish it?
Will Trump prosecute all executives and traders that were involved in fraud – simple financial deceits?
The joker will still rely on the inherently deceitful BAR members of the legal profession. Oh, have I gone to far? Then reader why does this profession obfuscate its assumptions, procedures, principles and maxims?
Why do BAR members continue the deceit that law can and only be practised by their licensed members?

How about Trump prosecutes fraud or collusion in the following bodies:
CDC – deceiving public about vaccine safety
FCC – hiding wireless risks to health
FDA – collusion with GMO producers

Why do we…

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12 thoughts on “The Joker (Trump) will reform or eliminate corrupt US Institutions?

  1. Is this a serious article, or is this a joke? None of this would ever happen, as long as this government remains in tact, and by remains in tact, I mean owned and operated by the Zionist elite.


    • It would be nice, wouldn’t Shelby, if Trump’s list for the first 100 days included restoring the Bill of Rights, wouldn’t it? Like ending illegal surveillance, indefinite detention without trial, drone assassinations and restoring habeas corpus. In my mind, that would be the clearest indication that he intends to end corruption.

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      • I am just so thankful you are okay Dr. Bramhall. I heard of the earthquake in New Zealand and also of the tsunami and thought of you. I am completely ignorant of where New Plymouth is but I read that the earthquake hit central New Zealand and I hoped you were not impacted by it or hurt in any way. So, it is great to know that you are okay and I hope that the people of New Zealand stay safe!


        • Thanks Shelby. Fortunately I’m a long way from the epicenter so the only problems I had were something falling off a shelf and insomnia. There were five earthquakes in all and the first (at 2.20 am) went on about 30 seconds – which is the longest I’ve ever experienced. Also I’m on the West Coast, rather than the East Coast so we had no tsunami risk here.

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