Election 2016: Whatever the Outcome, “99% of Us are Going to be Big Losers

So we are on the eve of the 11th “Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes” (MIEoOL) since I was first eligible to vote in 1976.

This MIEoOL has me constantly shaking my head over the depths of corruption, scandal and abject mediocrity that both of the major candidates have sunken to. The “crap of the crop” has certainly risen to the top in POTUS2016 and I couldn’t be more ashamed to live in a country of 320 million that couldn’t find anyone with more on the ball than Woman (D) and Man (R).

Now, Clinton’s supporters would argue that she has a lot of experience and should be the one with her twitchy finger on the button of nuclear annihilation. Her “experience” is precisely my problem with her: She has risen to the top of a white male supremacist/capitalist nation by drenching herself in the blood of empire and the oppressive greed of Wall Street. Like being accused of being “racist” for not supporting Obama, the new smear is that one is a “sexist” for not supporting Clinton.

Is it really possible for someone like Clinton to be a feminist if she has no problem killing women and children in war? A liberal feminist…maybe…a liberation/radical feminist? Not even close!

 Image by Anthony Freda

Then, Trump supporters would argue that he is just a “regular” guy that loves America and will make her “great again.” Clinton and her minions will retort, “America has always been great,” and I say: “A state built on genocide and slavery that continues those policies hundreds of years later has NEVER been great.” Some of us on the left see Trump’s campaign as being neo-Fascist and are fear-mongering about Trump being too close to the mechanism of nuclear destruction; I see Trump as the perfect foil and guarantor of a Clinton victory. Like the late comedian George Carlin said, “It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.”

This is not an essay to convince anyone of what member of the Twin Parties of War and Wall Street to vote for on Nov. 8th, but to be real about our “choices.”

Especially in the arena of POTUS politics, the voters don’t pick the candidates or the eventual winner: the establishment and billions of dollars do. In the end if you choose D or R, you are choosing to continue and participate in the vehicle of your own oppression and the subjugation and slaughter of billions of more people around the planet. . .

Source Global Research http://ift.tt/2fzNZkE


via Election 2016: On Empire and Feminism. Whatever the Outcome, “99% of Us are Going to be Big Losers… The Only Way to Win is to Organize and Oppose the policies of US Empire” — peoples trust toronto

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