Radioactive Water at the Car Wash in Japan

Supposedly Japan is going to sort all this before they host the 2020 Olympics. At this point, it seems pretty unlikely. Any athletes or spectators who attend need to count on being irradiated.

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RSOEStorage tanks at car wash facilities near a crippled Japanese nuclear power plant contain sludge which is seven times higher than the legal radioactive limit, Japan’s Kyodo news agency reported Sunday. whiteRAD88An inspection of car wash facilities in the Fukushima prefecture found sludge containing up to 57,400 becquerels of radioactive material per kilogram, compared with the limit of 8,000 becquerels per kilogram allowed by authorities, according to a document Kyodo obtained. The radioactive material is believed to come from ash and soot which was washed from vehicles shortly after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster in March 2011, officials said. The six-reactor plant suffered a triple meltdown after it was hit by a magnitude-9 earthquake and resulting tsunami. Fukushima Prefecture has some 1,700 car wash facilities where a growing number of tanks are filled to capacity, officials said, adding the amount of polluted sludge is…

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4 thoughts on “Radioactive Water at the Car Wash in Japan

  1. There is no way in hell that I would head on over there to compete. There is no amount of money that could compensate me for destroying my health by going over there to compete in the Olympics. To hell with that!


    • What really infuriates me, Shelby, is that the corporate media is already promoting the 2020 Japanese Olympics – with not one reporter mentioning concerns about the radiation risk. New Zealand has very strong relations with Japan (our students often take Japanese in school). Yet Kiwi mothers strongly discourage their kids from taking jobs there due to the radiation risk.

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  2. It starts to get very comical after awhile, doesn’t it JoAnn, the way the corporate media dismisses increasing planetary destruction with all their fantasies about moving to Mars (they are fantasies by the way – there is no technology on the horizon to enable us to travel or survive on Mars before 2050 at the earliest). Thanks for your comment.


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