Feds to Auction Off Ohio’s Only National Forest to Fracking


Source: Eco Watch

Following its final Environmental Assessment and a “Finding of No Significant Impact,” the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has decided to offer 40,000 acres of Wayne National Forest—Ohio’s only national forest—up for fracking. Fracking could extend to other areas in Ohio, even a national forest.

Wayne National Forest is located in southeast Ohio. ACFAN’s Ohio fracking map The BLM is now planning an online auction on Dec. 13 to lease the first 1,600 acres of the forest near Monroe, Noble and Washington counties to oil and gas development. The minimum acceptable bid can be as little as $2 per acre.

Local environmental groups and activists have unsurprisingly spoken out against the unconventional drilling of their state’s sole national forest. Athens County Fracking Action Network (ACFAN) has criticized the BLM for not considering the full extent of fracking’s negative impacts in its final Environmental Assessment posted earlier this month, including fracking’s threat to drinking water and its harm to public health and the climate.

“[US Forest Service decision maker and regional forester Kathleen Atkinson] clearly has ignored the facts that the Environmental Assessment is woefully inadequate,” Athens County resident and Bern Township Trustee Roxanne Groff told EcoWatch via email. ”

The Assessment does not cover cumulative effects of fracking in the Wayne. Up-to-date research must be used to address climate issues of fracking on public lands. This has NOT been done for the Wayne National Forest. Research that is 11 years old is the basis for her decision.” Read More…

Source: Feds to Auction Off Ohio’s Only National Forest to Fracking

photo credit: By Battenbrook (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons]

4 thoughts on “Feds to Auction Off Ohio’s Only National Forest to Fracking

  1. They have been fracking in parts of Ohio before. The last I heard, the fracking had stopped.

    There will be hell to pay over this one. The people love that area of the state, and most of the people who live around that area are not fans of government, period, especially the feds!

    The assholes had better be armed!

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  2. I can sure identify – Taranaki is the fracking capital of New Zealand. We formed a close alliance with local Maori to plan a blockade on Mount Taranaki when one Canadian company set up plans to frack there. Fortunately with the recent oil price drop, they decided to pull out rather than confronting us. The current National government has permitted every square inch of Taranaki for fracking, but fortunately the price drop has caused many prospective wells to be abandoned – especially in view of strong local resistance.


  3. Even though they know what the land looks like after every drop of oil has been sucked out of it, they still basically give pristine land away to greedy corporations? This just makes no sense. But the sad fact is, we are all contributing to this because if we did not drive, there would be no need to continuously tear up the land in search of fuel. I will never buy another vehicle and I even do my grocery shopping on foot and my waistline certainly hasn’t suffered for it. Where there is a will, there is a way!

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  4. Congratulations, Shelby. I finally cured myself of driving in 2010. At first it was unthinkable, but when my car stopped going in reverse, I was so irritated by all the money I was spending on it (and it’s unreliability) that I bought a new bicycle instead. When I have something really heavy to carry (about twice a year), I take a cab – which is definitely less expensive than owning a car.

    Mostly I walk now. The best part of walking is you start to notice things (birds, trees, etc) that you don’t notice in the car and you get to know some of the street people.

    Like a lot of young people, my daughter and son-in-law prefer, to travel by bicycle or public transport. His parents bought them a hybrid but it mostly stays in the garage.

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