Is Donald Trump Real or Did the Corporate Media Create Him?

While I’m no fan of Trump (I already voted by absentee ballot – for Jill Stein), I find it more than a little alarming that this speech – which is circulating on Facebook – is nothing like the Donald Trump we see in the corporate media:

I have pretty much ignored all the US election coverage, but I was also pretty intrigued by this analysis by Michael Moore on the appeal of Donald Trump for the white working class – especially in what he calls the “Brexit” state (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and other states where the manufacturing industry has virtually collapsed). He calls a vote for Donald Trump the biggest “fuck you” vote in human history.

14 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump Real or Did the Corporate Media Create Him?

    • As non American Political Junkie i must say this has been most interesting election between two over the top narcissistic individuals that deserve to be in jail.Trump support seems to be genuine grassroots that defeated his puppet GOP rivals fairly, well Killary had to use every trick to beat a non Democrat to win the Democrat party, go figure.


      • According to Wikileaks documents (and the resignation of Wasserman-Schultz from her campaign as a result of Wikileaks), the dirty tricks probably stole the Democratic Nomination from Sanders. If the were not the case, I believe that the voting public would be a lot less hostile.


  1. It is a surprising speech! I am convinced outside of gentrified areas, Trump has a huge following. My family and I had an interesting drive through miles and miles of northeastern Minnesota today. Trump signs were everywhere in the small run down towns with struggling businesses and farms.


    • What troubled me, Carol, was the realization that the corporate media is extremely selective about the image of Trump they choose to represent to the public. Believe me, I have absolutely no regrets about voting for Stein. Thanks for commenting.

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