Wikileak: DID John Podesta Assassinate Scalia?


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“Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.”

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9 thoughts on “Wikileak: DID John Podesta Assassinate Scalia?

        • Old Scaly – great name for him. I love it. If we’re going to live under the rule of law, we have to stop this nasty habit Obama has fostered of serving as judge, jury and executioner for people with dissident political views. The Constitution gets a lot of things wrong but trial by jury is one part I happen to agree with. It makes it somewhat more difficult for tyrants to wipe out political opponents for simply disagreeing with them.


  1. Personally, I believe that most of the federal District Judges have an FBI blackmail file before they are even recommended by the President.

    The eternal question comes to mind: Qui bono? If there was a rush to get a new useful idiot on the Court then I’ll bet it had something to do with the gun control agenda before the end of Obamination.


    • I have not read the book written in 2012 by his alleged victim. However, IMO, the situation is the same as it is with the Congress. In the mid-1970’s, the majority of Congress polled by the Church Committee believed that the FBI had a blackmail file on them. Wonder why there has been no comprehensive review of the intelligence agencies and their impact on American citizens since the mid-1970’s? Why should it be any different for politically appointed federal judges?

      I litigated to obtain my own FBI file:

      “By letter dated March 19, 2007, FBIHQ released 144 pages of documents responsive to Labella’s request, after reviewing 168 pages that were responsive and applying FOIA’s exemptions from withholding. (Hardy Decl., Ex. DD); see 5 U.S.C. § 552(b). These documents, along with two audio cassettes, were found by searching through the reference entries of the General indices for documents in FBINY. (Third Declaration of David M. Hardy (“Hardy Decl. # 3″) (Docket Entry # 27) at 4.)”

      I believe that I was in the middle of a big FBI investigation of which I was a convenient pawn. The police and FBI were, in my opinion, running my Law School when I attended Fordham Law from 1998 to 2001.

      My therapist from 1999 to 2001 was Denise Trainer, a native of Washington state. Her second career was as a licensed clinical social work therapist. I suspect that her first career was related to law enforcement. Coincidentally, she went into her own practice, at the same time I graduated, in a posh area in Chelsea. Based upon dozens of sessions with Trainer, over several years, I firmly believe that she had an extensive dossier on me. If you have any feedback or thoughts on Trainer it would be greatly appreciated. Here is a link for her current practice:

      If you find it more prudent to respond via email, my email address is


      • Interesting. Congratulations on obtaining your FBI file. When I requested mine, I was told it didn’t exist – though I find it hard to believe they relied totally on private contractors to harass me.

        Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have no knowledge of Denise Trainer, though I will keep her name on file in case anything pops up.

        I am pretty confident the NSA captures all my emails through the Echelon program though they probably don’t read them unless they contain subversive key words. I have saved your email address and deleted it from your comment to protect your privacy.


  2. Thanks again. I had to make numerous requests and calls to Winchester VA before an internal request was made to produce my file from fbi nyfo. There were so many reductions I only found out about an official investigation of my former employer in litigation.


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