Analysis of the sophistry of Noam Chomsky on 9/11

Liverani exposes the establishment’s most prominent 911 gatekeeper – with explicit analysis of Chomsky’s ludicrous irrationality.


By Petra Liverani


Gatekeeping is the term used to describe the process of deciding which information will go forward and which will not. It is to be expected that the mass media/corporate/government triumvirate are strict and vigilant gatekeepers but what is puzzling, to me at least, is that certain progressive intellectuals, who are generally very critical of that triumvirate and who are regarded as important voices in keeping its members to account, also practise gatekeeping but only on a few, though vitally important, issues.

A case in point is the truth about 9/11. The crimes of 9/11 involved a massive conspiracy, planned many years in advance, which have had severe and worsening repercussions; many of us despair and feel quite helpless about what can be done about the spreading of war and terror throughout the globe. However, there is one relatively straightforward action that can be taken, if only theā€¦

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5 thoughts on “Analysis of the sophistry of Noam Chomsky on 9/11

  1. Sorry to be 9/11 denier about mass conspiracy but command sense tells me that 9/11 was one of the more simple false flags,just plant the seed that Kamikaze planes fully loaded with jet fuel could bring down trade towers after all small Japanese planes sunk Battleships in WW2 as far as Pentagon goes if pilot had automatic pilot on for landing he could have flown into building.Did Bush know of course he did.


  2. IT Interesting how the conspiracy community have missed the parallels between Pearl Harbor,9/11 and Assassination of JFK. One common Denominator Is David Sarnoff born in Minsk Russia,David Rockefeller, Harry Crown owner of Empire State Building and Henry Pomeroy Davison,Founder of Federal Reserve Family.


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