REALPOLITIK: ‘PSYOPs’, Operation Syria – By Manlio Dinucci

An attempt has been made for five years to demolish the Syrian state, pulling it apart from within with armed terrorist groups and infiltrating it from abroad and causing more than 250,000 deaths. Now that the military operation is failing, a psychological operation is launched to make the government and any Syrian resisting aggression look like the aggressors.


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“…The official document of the Pentagon’s Intelligence Agency… reports that “Western countries, the Gulf States and Turkey support the opposition forces in Syria to establish a Salafist principality in Western Syria, something the powers that support the opposition desire with the aim of isolating the Syrian regime”:

(PSYOPs: Operation Syria – By Manlio Dinucci)

While the emirate of Qatar is sponsoring?promotes an international tour? of an exhibition on the crimes attributed to the Syrian Arab Republic, Manlio Dinucci recalls —with supporting documents—, what we in fact know about this conflict

Special units of the US Armed Forces and Secret Services are trained for “PYSOPs”: psychological operations that the Pentagon defines as «planned operations to use specific information to push emotional and motivational buttons and thus the conduct of the public, organizations and foreign governments». Why? «To bring about or consolidate conduct promoting pre-set objectives».

This is…

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