Radiocontamination of Tokyo

Makes you wonder why no one mentions this when they talk about the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020?

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


Based on the data released by everyone to the Minna-san data website, a map of the soil contamination of Tokyo by radioactivity was put together.

This data is the result of measurements from 2013 to now 2016.

You can see that the radioactive contamination spread over a wide range of Tokyo.

Particularly, Katsushika district, Edogawa district, Shinjuku district, Setagaya district and Bunkyō district.

Radioactive contamination of both radioactive cesium 134 and 137 exceeding 500Bq / kg has been confirmed.

Among other locations: Inagi city/ Katsushi district / Edogawa district / Eto district / Arakawa district / Kokubunji city / Kokuritsu City / Komae City / Mitaka City / Kodaira city/ Shinjuku district / Suginami district/ Setagaya district / Nishitama gun / Ome city / Chiyoda district / Ota District/ Oshima-cho / Machida city / Chofu city / Higashi Kurume City / Higashimurayama city / Hachioji city / Fuchu city…

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2 thoughts on “Radiocontamination of Tokyo

  1. Let them have the olympics there, then that should put an end to this farce for all times. There won’t be any drugged up paid “amateurs” left to play games no once gives a damn about.

    I just feel bad for the Japanese people, and the marine life, if there is any left, in the Pacific.


  2. The mainstream corporate media is so infuriating at times for their sins of omission – even in sports reporting. I mean what thinking sports journalist would hype the upcoming Tokyo Olympics without mentioning that the failed Fukushima reactors continue to contaminate Tokyo’s air, water and food supply with dangerous nuclear fallout.


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