American Soldiers Hoist U.S. flag in Syria, Set Up New Military Base


A new batch of U.S. special forces have entered Syria through Turkey and set up camp at the Al-Monbath hill in the countryside of Tell Abyad, a Kurdish-held region north of Raqqa.

In total, 50 American troops – 10 of which are classified as combat advisors – are stationed at the base. The crew is armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry and accompanied by 17 armored vehicles. Communication equipment has been set up while U.S. flags have somewhat controversially been hoisted at the base.

Source: AMN

12 thoughts on “American Soldiers Hoist U.S. flag in Syria, Set Up New Military Base

  1. I have been to Ft. LINCOLN on Hwy 1806 outside Bismarck, ND. This is where Custer left and never returned. This is itself only 10 miles or so from Cannonball, where the pipeline protests and systematic stasi style privatized security troopers unleashes attack dogs on the Lakota people, peaceful women and children defending their ancestral homeland from the corporate fascists . America’s agendas remain unchanged and are hidden from the Citizens by the official propaganda machine that works hand in hand with the government and corporate ruling class to oppress all people but the interests of the 1% investor. Class. Will this be the Black Walnut’s Last Stand ?


  2. You are #1 Dr. Before you heart attack me , please visit my gallery at wordpress. ILLUSTRATION J.T.DORAN. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO RELEASE MY ANNOTATED : COMMON SENSE , from Paine’s original.


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