Milwaukee, September 9 and 10: Prison Strike Solidarity

I spent the first 21 years of my life in Milwaukee. It has always had the well-earned reputation of the most segregated city in the country. Support the fight to end prison slavery.

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Events sponsored by the Milwaukee IWW,

September 9: PrisonStrike Solidarity Picnic and Poets Milwaukee

Supporters of the Sept. 9 prison strike and the Dying to Live hunger strike will gather to celebrate and mobilize support for a large solidarity march to occur on Sep 10. See that here:

There will be a cookout in the park, poetry readings, speeches and opportunities to gather with like minded folks and get updates about historic prisoner action occurring across the country.

Poets include the following:
Anja Notanja Sieger
Ben Turk
Ceas the Man
Ed Werstein
Franklin KR Cline
Freesia McKee
Heidi Erickson
Indigo Jade Kastel
Margaret Rozga
Maria Elena Scott
Nina Szarka

#PrisonStrike, #EndPrisonSlavery, #SupportPrisonerResistance, #DyingToLiveWI

September 10: Rally Against Prison Slavery

“The walls of Jericho WILL FALL”

Prisoners have called for a national workstoppage and protest to begin on the 45th anniversary of the Attica…

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