Exciting Step Forward: Helicopter Drop of Debit Cards for Refugees in Turkey

As many as one million refugees in Turkey will receive debit cards and monthly cash transfers to help pay for food and housing under a new €348 million ($393 million) humanitarian program from the European Union announced on Thursday.


The largest ever humanitarian program in the history of the EU, is now underway in Turkey.

The humanitarian effort comes in the form of a $393 million helicopter drop of Debit Cards and Cash to Refugees in Turkey as Part of Migration Deal.


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10 thoughts on “Exciting Step Forward: Helicopter Drop of Debit Cards for Refugees in Turkey

      • THE whole Rockefeller plan to destroy the Islamic countries and seize their assets and resources , and to spread The Con structure of Terror and invasion to Europe and pretext the totalitarian surveillance police state REQUIRED by the Corporate Ruling Class to suppress truth and freedom and to force the protocols blueprinted by the Bilderbergs and the New World Order has so far been successful. Is this move done by the same orcas of the Cabal or is it a reactionary act of resistance by those that wish to reverse the NWO Plan. Perhaps it is still the Cabal at work trying to retaliate and punish the Turks for moving towards Russia.


  1. Dr. Stuart Bramhall, is there any meaning of “drop helicopter”, kind of referring to an idiomatic meaning in English? I have checked many news at English, Turkish also Russian news about this subject, and I couldn’t find any news or information from formal sources. Here is European commission explanation about debit cards:


    It seems kind of satire about the devoloping after giving debit cards to the Syrian refugees in Turkey, as I understood.

    There is over 3,5 million Syrians in Turkey borders. And, majority of world public doesn’t know that the Syrians in Turkey are not in status of “refugees” or “immigrant” or “asylum-seeker”, they were accepted and are living in Turkey as “Temporary Protection” status. This status are seperating two classifications inside of itself: “Temporary Protection in Application of Turkey” and “Temporary Protection in Application of EU”. Temporary Protection in Application of EU was applied at in first(according to the articles that I have read) in 1992-1994 years for the people who lived during the disintegration of former Yugoslavia. But this is not same application at Turkey right now with this old one.

    Only the Syrians who are sent from Greece to Turkey according to EU-Turkey government agreement, are accepted the “asylum-seeker”. Of course, if there are not criminals inside of them.

    Because of these people are not in “refugees” or immigrant” for the laws, this “temporary protection” situation is very proper in every angle for using by politicians of European, US and Turkey. The other side, right before the coup attempt at July 15 in Turkey, -at the date of July 7-, Recep Tayyip Erdogan had announced “the Turkey citizenship will be given to the Syrians.” It was responded with reaction in public of Turkey including AKP voters. It stayed like this shape with coup attempt. But there were already news about the citizenship of Syrians before. According to some opponent newspapers, already “the citizenship of Turkey had been given to 1 million Syrians, during the election of Turkey in June 2015.” This is more logical for me, especially after seeing the results of second election at same year, 2015 November.

    So, Dr. Bramhall, while EU commission is mentioning “help to Syrians”, actually it is not mentioning about over 3,5 million Syrians in Turkey. They are mentioning about max half million people.

    The others, my guess, the other Syrians (about 2 million) will be placed to the southern Anatolia, instead of Kurdish people who were forced leaving their homes and went west Anatolia after the operations against PKK terrorist organization. And these helps of EU are being made to these who would be placed instead of Kurdish people. Yes, while the maps of Middle East are being changed, the most important part is making real, so the culturel and ethnic structure are being changed. This has been same before, at Iraq war, 2 million Iraq Kurdish had came to the southern Anatolia, and many Turks had left from the region with going to west Anatolia.

    According to the historical records, while in 1960’s, 55% of the southern and south Anatolia population was Turkish population;

    Today’s, in same region population consist of 22% Turkish, 50% Kurdish, 17 % Syrians. (about 11% is the other ethnics like Arabians).

    And thank you showed patience that you came with reading until this line of this long comment. 🙂


  2. Thank you for your extremely detailed reply, migarium. Given that the article appeared in the Wall Street Journal, I really doubt this is a satire. I have never seen the WSJ publish this kind satire. What do other people think?


  3. Hmmm, interesting. Maybe they(WSJ) decided it is time to make humor:)) I don’t know Dr.Bramhall, already it will occur when they give the debit cards. We will see how they will send. Thank you again your patience.


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