Chasing Edward Snowden

Chasing Edward Snowden

Anonymous (2016)

Film Review

Chasing Edward Snowden is an extremely well made documentary about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s escape from Hong Kong to Moscow and the role played by Wikileaks and the Hong Kong government in facilitating his escape.

Prior to seeing the film, I was unaware Snowden (under US indictment for treason) had reached out for Wikileaks’ help nor that Putin initially turned down his asylum request when he refused to work for the FSB.

All this changed, when France, under US pressure, denied the Bolivian presidential jet access to French airspace. Acting on false rumors spread by Wikileaks, the US and France believed President Morales had smuggled Snowden onto his plane.

Because the French action contravened Geneva conventions, world opinion turned in Snowden’s favor, persuading Putin to reverse himself and grant his asylum petition.

*FSB is the Russian state security agency that replaced the KGB.

12 thoughts on “Chasing Edward Snowden

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  2. Getting out the truth to the people that already own it is a lot of work. However the truth is that all that was exposed was already known. All it did was documented it. Thanks to Snowden but it has cost him big time. Yet Killary just emailed it. Saves a lot of time.


    • One thing we definitely have Snowden to thank for is his ability (in coordination with Wikileaks) to force the corporate media and Congress to acknowledge the reality of the NSA and their criminal activities over the last 30+ years.


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