If the Bees Die Off, We Go With Them

More Than Honey

Directed by Marcus Imhoof (2012)

Film Review

More Than Honey is a documentary investigating colony collapse disorder, the mysterious condition that threatens to wipe out the global honeybee population. As the great majority of our food crops rely on bees for pollination, this would also have dire consequences for humankind.

Scientists featured in the film report that colony collapse disorder has three main causes: insecticide (neonicotinoid*) poisoning, veroa mites and “stress.” They emphasize that the European honeybee (also the sole source of the US honeybee population) has been “domesticated,” just as larger farm animals have. This domestication reduces their stress tolerance: they can no longer tolerate two day trips across the US (in trucks) the way they once did.

More Than Honey includes some fabulous footage of bees doing their elaborate wangle** dance and struggling with mite infestation and after effects of pesticide spraying.

What I found most intriguing about this documentary was learning that Africanized honeybees may be the salvation of the domestic bee population. Commonly maligned as so-called “killer bees,” African bees are good pollinators and honey producers. They are also resistant to veroa mite.

* Since More than Honey was made in 2012, the EU has placed a total ban on neonicitinoid use.

**When bees return to the hive, bees perform a special wangle dance to communicate to other bees the location of a good nectar source.


12 thoughts on “If the Bees Die Off, We Go With Them

  1. Clearly the Bee Extinction is a design element of the NO CABAL”S agenda for global hegemony. MONSANTO is a key player in all systemic poisons that have and will be used militarily and covertly to destroy the Enemy. WE ALL ARE THE Enemies OF THE 1% RULING CLASS. The neo feudalism protocols are designed to cull the earth of Invasive species : 99% of humanity. Control of water and food, shelter, health and knowledge-based survival skills , in addition to the economic , political and religious landscape must be dominated and manipulated to accomplish their goals.


      • What if MONSANTO and other NWO MAD SCIENTISTS HAVE genetically engineered self pollinators or nanotechnology robot pollinators as I read somewhere in a science journal. Another possibility is artificial nutrition compliments of BIG PHARMA ??? ANOTHER THOUGHT : PROJECT BLUE BEAM. Do you think that 9-11 was a test run for Blue Beam, considering the illusory NO PLANES THEORY ?


        • Monsanto and other mad scientists have produced drone pollinators but you would need millions of them and producing and operating millions of drones require massive amounts of fossil fuel energy that simply don’t exist. And the field of nutrition isn’t sufficiently advanced to produce all human nutrient artificially. People who don’t have access to naturally grown food get sick and die.

          The elite are goners without slaves and serfs to look after them – and they know it.

          I didn’t know about the 9-11/Blue Beam connection.

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