EUGENICS: The Secret Origins of AIDS, Facts, Fallacies & Conspiracy Theories – By Alan Cantwell, MD (Archive)

The history of AIDS has been deliberately whitewashed to conceal its man made origin – as a biological warfare agent – at the top secret Ft Dietrick facility in Maryland.


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“…As part of President Richard Nixon’s “War on Cancer,” genetic engineering of viruses became an integral part of the now largely forgotten Special Virus Cancer Program, conducted under the auspices of the NCI. Nixon also transferred part of the Army’s biological warfare unit at Fort Detrick, Maryland, over to the NCI, thereby allowing secret biowarfare experimentation to be carried out under cover of bona fide cancer research”:

(The Secret Origins of AIDS, Facts, Fallacies & Conspiracy Theories – By Alan Cantwell, MD)

In 2006 the AIDS epidemic was a quarter-century old. Officially starting in June 1981 as a mysterious and fatal disease exclusively found in several dozen young white gay men from New York City and Los Angeles, the disease has already killed 20 million people with 40 million more currently infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), widely accepted as the sole cause of AIDS…

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8 thoughts on “EUGENICS: The Secret Origins of AIDS, Facts, Fallacies & Conspiracy Theories – By Alan Cantwell, MD (Archive)

  1. See also:
    „Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“
    “US Power Elite Declared Bio War on the Southern Hemisphere, East Asia and all Non-Western Countries in September 2000”:
    Andreas Schlüter
    Berlin, Germany


  2. In my research of JFK i use Col Boris Pash as the center and try to connect the dots around him starting with his employment by JP Morgan Banker and head of US Red Cross in 1917. Davison sponsored a ship that took 300 Russian children on 2year (eugenic)cruse around the world. A Dr Davison was leader and latter taught at Emory U one of first U involved with MKULTRA, Dr.Davison was a good friend of Dr Livingston. Trubee Davison son of JP Morgan Davison’s head of Museum of Natural History in 30’s at expense of Army Air Force Traveled all over Africa collecting animals and plants,
    in 1946 Pash was in Japan trading Freedom for Japanese Research Doctors in return for there Research Papers at Manchuria’s Unit 731. In 1951 Trubee was head of CIA Personnel and his longtime friend Lovett was head of Defense. The Korean War intensified research in Biological and Mind Control, At this time Pash had correspondence with British Dr who weaponized Anthrax and other poisons. The Vet Nam War was Korea all over again with Pash’s
    Man Peer deSilva CIA Head there,.


  3. When I was experiencing a lot of phone harassment, some woman with a Russian accent rang me to ask me whether I was related to Captain Bramhall, who allegedly captained this cruise of the 300 Russian children. Do you know if there was a Captain Bramhall involved? Or was she just making this up to hassle me?


    • INTERESTING I will follow this up, George deM brother Professor Dimitri VonM may have been crew member as he was seaman at the time who sailed around the world in his own words.


    • When I click on the link I get a blank page from the Guide to the Hoover Institute – and the message “You have either reached a page that is unavailable or reached your viewing limit for this book.” Is that what you get?


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