Turkish Lawmaker Calls for Closure of NATO’s Incirlik Air Base After Failed Coup


Sputnik | August 8, 2016 Deputy Chairman of the Center-Left Republican People’s Party (CHP) Namik Havutca argues that the base that stores 90 US tactical nuclear weapons “makes enemies of friendly countries and poses a threat to Turkey’s internal stability.”

In the wake of the failed attempt to overthrow the Erdogan government on July 15 and the ensuing purge that has led to over 18,000 military servicemen and judges being rounded up and imprisoned on charges of treason, yet another Turkish leader has stepped forward calling on the country to step back from its alliance with NATO forces who top Erdogan regime officials accuse of being complicit in the botched coup.

Source: Turkish Lawmaker Calls for Closure of NATO’s Incirlik Air Base After Failed Coup

Photo Credit: Airman 1st Class Joseph Thompson, Wikimedia Commons

12 thoughts on “Turkish Lawmaker Calls for Closure of NATO’s Incirlik Air Base After Failed Coup

  1. American imperialism is failing. The Pentagon needs to clean house and rid itself of the Bankster’s and Rockefeller- Bush-Clinton Mafia.


      • Trump is an associate of Clinton is he really the strawman being used to guarantee Killer E. Clinton’s victory ? …or was his purpose to destroy the red party first and then the blue ? If so he needs to focus on her criminality and the criminality of the banks, military and NATO. He has raise these issues but has yet to pursue them in a pragmatic legal sense. 2hat is his role do you think ? To step aside so Jeb Bush or some other Cabalist can sweep up ?


  2. I understand Putin was instrumental in warning Erdogan about the plot so he could defeat it. Erdogan is in Moscow right now negotiating over Syria and Turkey (presumably) distancing itself from NATO.


  3. They should have done this long ago honestly. If we’re going to be honest we’ll have to concede that the Erdogan admin. was only to content to allow the CIA to train dangerous takfiris to go into Syria and wage war, but now it’s come back to bite them in the ass. It’s better late than never to finally come around to the anti-imperialst position I suppose, though I don’t have much trust in Erdogan tbh. He played footsy with the Americans far too long for my taste.


  4. Excellent point, Caleb. I guess it helps to have a really powerful ally like Russia. I suspect that Russia’s relative ascendancy in relation to the US likely explains why it’s happening now.


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