Pentagon Papers, CIA and the Lies of Daniel Ellsberg

How Daniel Ellsberg carefully concealed his links to the CIA and drug trade.

Ronald Thomas West


A ‘spy vs spy’ episode

Deep State Series, part eight

“Nobody on the left questions Ellsberg about these things” -Doug Valentine

There is a CIA liaised Ford Foundation funded, Nation Institute project ‘Tom Dispatch’ 7,800 word excuse for an article or example of how the Daniel Ellsberg propaganda myth of the left never seems to run out of traction. The lame premise of ‘the forgotten whistleblower’ is to prostitute the legacy of a dead man, Rand Corporation’s Anthony Russo, whilst in actuality reinforcing a lie of 40 plus years: Ellsberg’s disingenuous rationale for ‘leaking’ The Pentagon Papers. It is amazing to me that CIA cover story apologists are still working an Indochina information operations project forty plus years after the fact. But on second sight, this makes perfect sense. If the ‘Myth of Daniel Ellsberg’ were ever to unravel, so would the decades of CIA misinformation on a whole  plethora…

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6 thoughts on “Pentagon Papers, CIA and the Lies of Daniel Ellsberg

  1. I think that the term limited hangout, a term of art in intelligence circles, of the controlled leaking of some relatively innocuous information, in order to thwart any further investigation of deeper issues, is more appropriate for Ellsberg’s alleged role. Then we also have to consider that an entire nation was duped into believing hat he was facing life under the Espionage Act, and, was saved by the fortuity of timing with Watergate.


  2. Its Interesting that in 3500 word essay on CIA he Left out CIA director John McCone, McCone had the closes ties to Defense Contractors then any other Director. I think its a mistake to separate the CIA from Department of Defense as they work hand in hand around the World
    Ellsberg in my mind is now working with the most visible JFK researchers to give the public misinformation on Assassinations of 60’s.


    • Excellent point, gerry, about links between the Pentagon and the CIA. The late John Judge always claimed that Naval Intelligence was responsible for most of the clandestine assassinations. I had no idea that Ellsberg was participating in the JFK disinformation campaign. That’s damning enough in itself.


      • Your right PeaseFrog, But McCone set up the framework for Phoenix Program in Dec 1963 by putting Boris Pash right hand man Peer deSilva as Station Chief in VN .


  3. The timeline does not make a connection between McCone, whose tenure as CIA Director ended in 1965, and, Ellsberg who started work on what became known as the Pentagon Papers at Rand Corporation in 1967.


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