About Those NATO Nukes Kept in Turkey

Seems a legitimate concern given recent reports about 7,000 Turkish troops surrounding Incirlik airbase where the nuclear weapons are kept: https://www.rt.com/news/354042-turkish-police-incirlik-nato-coup/

Ronald Thomas West


^ The CIA has slept with both ^

How Dumb is the CIA Part Three

Now, in (post-coup attempt) Turkey it’s a choice between the democratically elected but paranoid narcissist Erdogan, who’s been intimate with the CIA in the efforts to overthrow Assad, or the next NATO sponsored coup selection. Erdogan is behaving somewhat like Mao’s ‘Gang of Four’ had during the cultural revolution (democratic principles have recently died in Turkey the attentive might notice) while embarking on a massive purge of the CIA sponsored Gulen movement and turning to the Russians to keep him in power; or whoever NATO (the future coup) will again attempt replacing him with. Some choice.

Meanwhile (pre-coup attempt) a Gulen associated newspaper, Today’s Zaman, had been shut down by Erdogan following its’ reporting Turkey’s intelligence agency MIT was doing business with Islamic State (supplying arms), as well MIT had facilitated supplying the sarin components…

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