KILL THE MESSENGER: Jonestown & the Strange Connection to the Murder of Martin Luther King – By John Judge (Archive)

Excellent article by late Jonestown and assassination researcher John Judge. Judge was the first to implicate the CIA in Jim Jones’ Jonestown colony and the massacre of its 900 hundred residents (they didn’t drink the Kool-Aid, by the way, they were shot).


Source  –

–  “…The man convicted of shooting King’s mother was Marcus Wayne Chenault – while at Ohio State University, he was part of a group known as “the Troop,” run by a Black minister and gun collector who used the name Rabbi Emmanuel Israel. This man, described in the press as a “mentor” for Chenault, left the area immediately after the shooting.[262] In the same period, Rabbi Hill traveled from Ohio to Guyana and set up Hilltown, using similar aliases, and preaching the same message of a “black Hebrew elite.”[263] Chenault confided to SCLC leaders that he was one of many killers who were working to assassinate a long list of Black leadership. The names he said were on this list coincided with similar “death lists” distributed by the KKK, and linked to the COINTELPRO operations in the 60s”:

(Jonestown &amp…

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    • I think the academic community has exposed most of the truth about Jonestown, Rosaliene. See the great links PeaceFrog has shared below. John Judge also published an excellent article in 1982 – The Jonestown Banks – which reviews the millions of dollars in Jim Jones held in Swiss and other bank accounts (and their links to US intelligence). John was always a great believer in “follow the money.”

      Click to access JonestownBanks.pdf


  1. “Doctor Mootoo was the Guyanese state pathologist, and one of the first to enter Jonestown after more than 900 people died there. Having trained in London and Vienna, Doctor Mootoo was the only competent person to examine the dead in a timely way. And it was his conclusion that more than 700 of those who died were probably murdered.[1]

    This conclusion was based on several observations. For instance: whatever the cause of death, the children – of whom there were some 260 – could not be held responsible for their own deaths. Whether the kids were duped, coerced or murdered outright, the adults were obviously responsible.

    As for the adults themselves, Mootoo reported that 83 of the 100 bodies that he examined had needle-punctures on the backs of their shoulders – suggesting that they had been forcibly held down and injected against their will.[2] As if this were not evidence enough of foul play, Mootoo noted that syringes containing cyanide, but lacking needles, lay everywhere on the ground – which led him to conclude that they had been used to squirt poison into the mouths of those who refused to drink. Still others were tricked into thinking that they were taking tranquilizers: bottles containing potassium cyanide, but labeled “Valium,” were scattered on the ground around the central pavilion.[3] Based upon this evidence, it would seem that as many as 700, and possibly more, of the Jonestown dead were murdered.”


  2. I tried to make some sense of all the convolution and Chenault was new to me, i searching the web for details of who he was,and found next to nothing but there is correlation between the political murders and sinister people behind it.
    Dr if you have the time to look at “time line” of Richard Case Nagell in my mind he was Artichoke Project Guinea Pig and his attempted bank robbery was trial run to see how effective there mind control was . My suspicions are based on correlation of LHO and Nagell time line and fact the police man that arrested Nagell was guarding Treasury Department display at bank that day


    • In the area of US government criminal activity, Google is not a good search engine as they will bury information unfavorable to the corporate elite. Are you using Google or some other search engine?


      • Google has 68% of search market i try to use others and yesterday one of them said to write in code box 4567 to prove i wasn’t spam Plus i’m haveing problems posting on your blog my reply
        above did not show on my screen tell now.


  3. A tale of two academic papers:

    A San Diego State University academic paper’s examination of the Jonestown event, updated March 13, 2014, that includes the best evidence regarding the cause of mass death, to wit, the Guyanese medical examiner’s autopsy reports showing most of the deceased (more than 700) were likely murdered:

    Compare a San Diego State University Article written in 2016, and having an unnamed author,and, unlike the above article, unaffiliated with the school’s religious department, that is an obvious government sponsored hit piece: Why do Conspiracy Theories Surround the Evidence of the Jonestown Massacre. This was an obvious retaliation piece to counter the above article. It makes light of the Guyanese medical examiner’s findings, and, manages to:

    -Use the CIA weaponized term, conspiracy theory, or allude to it, over a dozen times in the brief article;

    -Blame a Soviet paper implicating the CIA for fueling the “conspiracy theories”;

    -Marginalize the findings of Dr. Mootoo, the Guyanese Medical Examiner, by taking a single statement, that he made at a Court inquiry on Jonestown, out of the context of his prior statements on the matter.

    If we allow such academic shilling for the PTB, then we can expect the continuation of the American Security Surveillance State’s COINTELPRO democracy.


    • Boris Pash – Fort Huachuca – Army
      Military Intelligence Reserve officer Boris T. Pash was called up for active duty … the Manhattan Project, Pash was instrumental in uncovering a com- munist ring …This information on Pash has for the last year come up with blank screen what its hiding is his Army history that from 1958 to 63 was his civilian roll as chief of Armies Russia and soviet block Intelligence.


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