Italian mafia may be supplying weapons to ISIS, say investigators


Organized criminal groups in southern Italy may be supplying assault weapons to groups and individuals that are associated with the Islamic State, according to European investigators. The Guardian said last week that security officials in Italy, Britain, and elsewhere in Europe have traced weapons used by Islamists to at least one arms cache that entered the European black market through a Sicilian crime family with links to the mafia.

Source: Italian mafia may be supplying weapons to ISIS, say investigators

11 thoughts on “Italian mafia may be supplying weapons to ISIS, say investigators

  1. Why not? The supply of military hardware is one of the world’s major industries. As long as there is an inexhaustible demand, there will always be suppliers ready to make a quick buck.


  2. Israel , THE UK and the USA are the REAL MAFIA and creators and suppliers of ISIS, the Italian goofball Goodfellas will do whatever the Godfather at the Vatican bank tells them , they are but one small family of global mafioso.


  3. Very shortsighted, even by thug standards. The real money is from trafficking the millions of refugees at several thousand a head. Even so, the mafia is helping to create a more militarized, walled in and surveilled group of E.U. nation states that will eventually crack down on it much harder.


      • I believe that the FBI has it right, in that, organized crime is non-ideological, and, their aim is to amass wealth and power. I fault the politicians for outlawing activities that should be restricted by zoning laws (e.g., Europe’s red light districts), and, thereby allowing the vice markets to exist underground, un-taxed and unregulated. Markets are stronger than governments, that’s why the U.S.S.R., and, similar experiments, failed. I fault the FBI for habitually weighing in on the side of containing crime with a reckless disregard for citizens’ civil rights.


      • In addition to the fee based human trafficking, and arms/war profiteering, the orchestrated exodus or forced migration has a Medusa of revenues and benefits to the New World Order (mafia empire). It empties out the oil rich regions . It obfuscates the theft and distribution of oil on black market. It provides millions of starving slave laborers and hundreds of thousands of potential victims for the child prostitution and porn industry . It is a cover for smuggling of all kinds , Drugs, ancient antiquities looted from world Heritage sites. It perpetuates the myth of Islamic Terrorism a ZioNazi fabrication to hide the true Western backed imperialist puppet master’s role in the creation of the fake war on terror and drugs. It serves the interests of the global surveillance police state . It serves the interests of Israel and their intended reverse migration and colonial aspirations for Ukraine, the Khazarian ancestral homeland. The destruction and or theft of ancient Historical Proof that the Israelis have no more claim to Palestine than the Irish, as they are imposters and are JEWS in name only. 93% of Israeli citizens have zero semitic blood, whereas 85 % of Palestinians are pure semites.This diaspora and the false flag terror attacks is also a punishment put upon greater Europe by the Western Banking Dynasties to soften them up and bring them to their knees , so the Rockefeller -Bilderberg Plan inspired by the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion may be implemented by NATO and the UN agenda 21 will be viewed as a remedy rather than hegemony. Any thoughts ?


          • I am not claiming the Protocols are the Rothschild Dynasty’s Bible, but that certain ING if you read the titles of each protocol, e.g. …Universal War…We control the Gold…We control the Media…they are somewhat a prophetic work of social science fiction as I see great detail matching current global, social, political and economic conditions especially the TYRANNY OF CAPITAL. IN this I do personally believe they are an inspiring blueprint adopted by the Bilderberg-Rockefeller-Rothschild Cabal as a paradigm for the New World Order. From this perspective I offer the assertion that anti- Zionism is NOT anti-semitism OR racism. Many Jews in Israel are anti-zionist.


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