DAS KAPITAL: “Policymakers Have Been Calling A ‘Depression’ A ‘Recovery’ For Nearly A Decade”

It’s amazing how the political elite continue to tell us we’re in recovering, even as the global economy continues to shed millions of jobs.


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“… It is amazing in only two presidential cycles just how far it has come. The last Republican President was committed to Too Big To Fail. That idea was birthed under cyclicality, where the Great Recession would be kept to a recession if Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson got what they wanted and the awful ramifications of depression avoided by bailouts, monetarism, and the status quo. But we got the ramifications of depression anyway, showing yet again it was all a lie”:

(“Policymakers Have Been Calling A ‘Depression’ A ‘Recovery’ For Nearly A Decade” – By Jeffrey Snider)

Some people have impeccable timing. Even if by accident, there are occasions when what they say or write comes out in almost perfect sequence. At the end of August 2014, UC Berkeley economist J. Bradford DeLong wrote an article for Project Syndicate that argued in favor of proper…

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4 thoughts on “DAS KAPITAL: “Policymakers Have Been Calling A ‘Depression’ A ‘Recovery’ For Nearly A Decade”

  1. I think it depends on where you live. People all over the world are making dramatic changes at the local and state level. This is certainly true of my community. I think it’s this big escalation in civic engagement that made the Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn phenomenon possible – and Brexit – for Britain to vote to stick it to the neoliberal banking establishment is huge.


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