Untold History of the US – Bush and Clinton Squandered Peace

Part 9 of Oliver Stones Untold History of the United States covers the Bush senior and Clinton presidency

Bush Senior Presidency

Stone begins by exploring the role of Bush’s father Prescott Bush and other Wall street figures in supporting the rise of Hitler and the Nazi war machine. The list of Wall Street corporations that supplied money, weapons, chemicals, tanks, aircraft and other material support to the Third Reich is a long one: Ford, IBM, GM, Hearst, Standard Oil, Dupont, Kodak, United Fruit, Westinghouse, Douglas Aircraft, ITT, GE, Singer, International Harvester, Union Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, JP Morgan and the Bank of International Settlements.

Many of these companies demanded (and received) reparations when the Allies bombed their German factories.

Stone devotes much of this episode to the fall of totalitarian rule in Eastern Europe (1989-91), which he describes as the largest peaceful revolution in history. He also discusses the military coup by Boris Yeltsin that shut down parliamentary rule in the Russian Federation and the role of Wall Street, the World Bank, IMF and a handful of Russian oligarchs in systematically stripping the Russian people of their industrial wealth. During this period, many Russians died of malnutrition and medically preventable illness. The life expectancy would drop from 67 to 57 for men and from 76 to 70 for women.

Bush senior, surrounded by anti-Soviet hawks (eg Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld who would go on to found Project for a New American Century) rebuffed all Gorbachev’s overtures for world peace. Stone maintains Gorbachev would never have been forced out of office if Bush had supported him.

The Clinton Presidency

Instead of delivering the promised “peace dividend” when the Cold War ended, Clinton initiated a new wave of defense spending and multiple military interventions overseas. Among them

  • He launched a war on Yugoslavia to gain access to Caspian Sea oil for US oil companies.
  • He authorized numerous bombing raids on Iraq, supposedly as enforcement of the no-fly zone in regions controlled by Kurds and Shiite rebels.
  • He began expanding NATO to former Eastern Bloc countries to enable US oil companies to build pipelines to transport Russian oil to Europe.
  • He ordered 75 cruise missiles (at $750,000 each) to be fired on a Sudanese pharmaceutical factory and Zawhar Kili Camp in Afghanistan to distract public attention from the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Bush and Clinton: Squandered Peace – New World Order

17 thoughts on “Untold History of the US – Bush and Clinton Squandered Peace

  1. Reblogged this on vaskaxtumir and commented:
    Part 9 of Oliver Stones Untold History of the United States covers the Bush senior and Clinton presidency. Essential viewing if you want to understand the state of global affairs today, in 2016.


  2. Two men who have left there mark on World hidden history over the last 60 plus years by there obsessive quest to destroy Soviet Russia and Putin.Zbigniew Brzezinski much is known about him but Othar Shalikashvili https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Othar_Shalikashvili little is known but a close scrutiny makes him a person of Interest in Assassination of JFK, his present near Jonestown in 1978 training Green Berets, Operations Watchtower http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/cia_drug_trafficking.htm Bill Clinton in 1993 needed personally to sign off on Othar continue to be Colonel with Green Beret and he was kept past age of 68 until Jan 2001 he was made U.S. Secretary of Defense Senior Military Consultant on Georgian Defense Matters . the significant of this is training in Georgia of JIHADIST including the top ISIS commander in Syria.


  3. I think American ruling class has had its own way since the Assassination of FDR in 1945, they have turned the competition of Capitalism against Socialism into endless war that blowback has now drawn us into new tribal wars over religion. There not much to be distinguished with the Clinton’s and Bushes other then the color of there carpetbag’s


  4. Curious that you mention FDR’s assassination. Historically they say he died of malignant hypertension (which caused a stroke) – that this condition wasn’t routinely treated in the 1940s. I’m really puzzled he wasn’t given phenobarbital (which was available) and definitely would have brought the pressure down. I find it troubling that there was no autopsy done, that his medical records had gone missing and that his primary physician was an ear, nose and throat surgeon. It sounds like the hypertension was pretty disabling even prior to his stroke – so I’m inclined to look on his death as simple medical malpractice: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1524-6175.2006.05836.x/pdf


  5. Margie Roberts keeps calling me from GISI marketing in DC. Must be Killer E. Clinton ”s pollster ? Funny the exact second I click reboot on an Oliver Stone post the prone rings, happened 3 x today.GOOGLE ????? ADDITIONALLY everything I type Bernie my phone misspell it over and over.burnie. beanie, barney …very suspicious ???


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