How Police Handle Violence In Countries Where Officers Don’t Carry Guns – Collective Evolution

What a novel idea – training cops to manage violence without shooting and killing people. They do it in civilized countries.

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In all the countries where police officers don’t cary guns, except Iceland, citizens don’t have access to guns either, which means police are rarely taken by surprise by a firearm. However, officers are typically trained to handle firearms when need be, and can respond to reports of a citizen with a gun by sending an armed police officer to confront them.Paul Hirschfield, an associate professor of sociology at Rutgers University, explains that U.S. police officers are trained for only 19 weeks on average, compared to, say Norway, where they have three years of training before they’re fully qualified.“If you only have 19 weeks of training, you’re going to spend those on the most essential things. Unfortunately, in the United States, it’s about what you need to defend yourself. How you’re going to avoid getting hurt,” explains Hirschfield. “If you have three years, you can also learn how to protect people, how…

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2 thoughts on “How Police Handle Violence In Countries Where Officers Don’t Carry Guns – Collective Evolution

  1. But the state will always have weapons . Local cops withouthe guns would mean a necessary unarmed or disarmed public like England. Not good . The whole false flag fake terror scam is a tool to incremental I’ve the disarmament if you are looking the 99%. The Blqnkfeins, Adelsons, Bushes, Clintons, Koch brothers and Duponts will always have their own assault rifles and their own privatized army’s and secret pol8ce.Once disarmed, America will be totally defenseless against the Fascist Global Empire. We will never allow that once traction of Powder. Fact is that very concentration of wealth and power is what the 99% is rebelling against. Perhaps a bloodless green revolution is preferable, however the ultra rich value their wealth and power more than life and liberty. Sadly there can be but one outcome , if they are successful in the black war they wage against freedom and equality.


  2. In New Zealand cops don’t carry guns – though some are allowed to carry tasers. If a private citizen is threatening the public with a gun, they call out the armed defenders squad – a system that seems to work pretty well to protect the public without allowing cops to arbitrarily murder people.

    Private gun ownership is more liberal here than other Pacific countries. You have to have gun training and a permit. Where the restriction comes in is on imported guns. We don’t manufacture them here and it’s relative difficult to obtain a permit to import them.


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