A Travel Advisory Issued Against The United States By The Bahamas Government

The Bahamas government has issued a travel advisory to all of its Black male Bahamas citizens to use extreme caution when visiting the U.S., citing racial tensions that have exploded over the past few days.


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Now, we all know that the U.S. government is always issuing travel advisories and alerts against other countries, but in a new twist, the Bahamas government has issued a travel advisory to all of its Black male Bahamas citizens to use extreme caution when visiting the U.S., citing racial tensions that have exploded over the past few days. The Bahamas government goes on to state that all of its Black male citizens who are visiting the United States should cooperate fully with law enforcement and be non-confrontational.

Excuse me! But, that is not going to work, Bahamas Government! Just you ask Philando Castile. He cooperated fully with law enforcement and was non-confrontational and he is still dead; shot multiple times while sitting in his vehicle with his girlfriend and her four-year old daughter. The man was merely complying with the officer’s request to retrieve his ID to show for identification purposes and he…

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12 thoughts on “A Travel Advisory Issued Against The United States By The Bahamas Government

  1. Futuret,

    That’s true, in many cases, but, it is not relevant to police shooting blacks who are unarmed and/or compliant. I think that the Bahamian government’s actions were measured and prudent.



    Tell that to Trayvon Martin! He was walking through a ‘gated community’ and we all know what happened to him!

    I rarely get into it on other people’s blogs, but since this is my original work, I deem it necessary to have my say. How dare you opine that Black people are afraid to walk in, in your words, “a Black neighborhood.” I lived in Baltimore, MD from the mid 90s to 2002 and not one night that I staggered home from a bar, was I afraid to walk the streets of the inner city and here I sit in ‘whitebread’ Menacesnowta scared to drive through the ‘white’ area that I live in because I am more likely to get profiled for driving while Black in a white neighborhood.

    Furthermore, I have traveled through Chicago multiple times and I am still here to tell about the experience and not one bullet has been dug out of my ass!

    I have lived in Minneapolis which has the highest concentration of Black people in Minnesota and not once was I afraid to walk the streets at 2am and once again, I am still here to tell about it.

    You sit somewhere on your sanctimonious perch and speak of who is safe walking where when Philando Castile was driving in an upscale area of St. Paul where he lived and was pulled over because of a broken tail light and is dead because he complied with the law to show his ID. That man was no thug. He worked for a school district as a supervisor in the cafeteria and thus had to pass a criminal background check before doing so.

    Your abject racism is certainly on display with that comment and I have no problem stating this fact. I see you did not bother to post your tripe on my blog because you know I would not have stood for it!

    Because it is quite apparent that according to you, whites are the peacemakers and have no need to be feared. Tell me, who was it that bombed that federal building in Oklahoma? Who was it that killed those children in Sandy Hook elementary school, Aurora, CO’s movie theater? How about who killed those nine churchgoers in their own church in Charleston, SC? And how many skinhead groups have gone on a rampage over decades, lynching and terrorizing Black people in their own neighborhoods? But that is of no consequence to you because you’ve got an agenda and this post of mine doesn’t fit in with it. Everyone can feel safe around whites? You have got to be kidding!!!

    If this was my blog, I would give you what for and in no uncertain terms and this you could count on!


  3. Futuret, I have to agree with Shelby. I’m sure you don’t mean your comments to be offensive, but you need to understand that they are deeply offensive to Black readers and to readers like myself with close African American friends and/or family members.

    In the first place it’s not rational to lump everyone together based on their ethnicity, religion, or nationality and make gross generalizations about negative traits they supposedly possess.

    In the second place, it’s immensely hurtful for members of ethnic minorities who’ve been subjected to racial abuse their entire life to be subjected to racist comments in a forum meant for rational dialogue and discussion.

    I want my blog to be a safe place for readers of all ethnicities, religions and nationalities. For this reason I’m going your two comments (but not the video you posted).

    Shelby has given a number of examples how your first comment is historically inaccurate Your comment about no Blacks wanting to return to Africa also puzzles me. What about Marcus Garvey and the Back to Africa Movement?


  4. The New World Empire wants a race war as a pre-emptive crisis to forestall the class war which is eminent. All 99%ers must unite with community leaders and police to protect their cities and states from the common enemy :the 1% fascist global ruling elite led by George Sorts and the Rockefeller-Bilderberg group. No American, Black , white, Latino or Asian, gay or transgendered will be safe if Killer E. Clinton is (S) elected.


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