12 thoughts on “Leave Wins, British Pound Down Record 9%

    • The only concern in New Zealand is that Britain will quite exporting lamb to the EU (they export 90%). This means they will have to sell it domestically – which means they will quit importing ours. Which will force down the (exorbitant) price of lamb for ordinary Kiwis. How twisted is that? There are some aspects of globalization that make me sick at the stomach.


  1. Did I mention that I’m kinda happy about this? Honestly, with all the vote rigging and scaremongering, I didn’t think it would happen. 9%! That’s a margin they will have a tough time whittling down if they dare . . .


    • Me, too. I’m thrilled. So many people had given up hope that the stranglehold the global bankers and military contractors had on so-called democracy could ever be broken. I was listening to the BBC overnight and it sounds like the power elite plans to honor the vote and Cameron will resign.


  2. The bookies and city got it wrong! Their grasp on reality is NOT foolproof.
    The polls, media, bookies, city traders, consensus reality suggested REMAIN would win!

    One big takeaway: Polls, media, bookies and the money boys will try to distort reality but unless we capitulate, accept defeat, we have not lost. Their money backed consensus was rejected!!


  3. Very British indeed:

    The Brits are hawks, hyper-aligned with U.S. & NATO, and they just opened the door to a flood of member states leaving, as well as regions seeking independence (Catalonia, Basque, Venice…). Moscow wins long-term!


  4. So we should suck up corporatism because it we reject it, it emboldens Putin? How about being principled, fair and following the rule of law?
    The west are the cowboys and pirates not Russia.
    Were Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somali Russia’s fault?

    Brexit was beautiful because it showed how the con is built. Create an edifice of expert and institutional consensus. The sceptical individual when faced with thousands of well paid experts and well funded institutions is bound to doubt their position. They were wrong!

    Medical mafia consensus works the same way. They experts can’t be wrong, can they?

    Professors of economics, CEOs of major banks and corporations, billy boy Gates, world liars like Obama, Hilary pushed the paper thin façade.

    Remain = good = your best interest = safer
    Out = bad = not good for you = dangerous

    Brexit has been decades in the making. We are just benefactors. A lot of the information and activists has been around for years or even decades.

    Despite every dirty trick, enough people said NO, we don’t buy your bull-manure any more! We want out of your control matrix. We no longer consent to your authority, control or interference in our lives.


  5. No, I think you misunderstand my comment. All I’m saying is I think we should act out of concern for what benefits the ordinary people in western society – irregardless of how it affects Putin.


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