Talk About the Queen of Chaos!

More blatant electoral fraud in California primary.

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Where are the Missing California Primary Votes?

Richmond California is a refinery town in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is also where there is a diverse working class community with a strong Richmond Progressive Alliance which previously elected a Green Party Mayor. Bernie Sanders visited the city and actively supported the populist movement in February 2014 making it likely that Bernie Sanders would receive strong support in Richmond.

My daughter is a school psychologist in Richmond’s local school system. Here is her experience yesterday in the California Primary Election:

“Never have I felt so much that my vote doesn’t count!

My Richmond, CA polling place at 1340 Marina Way South was an absolute mess.

1.The location was different from every other time I’ve voted out here and Google initially mapped me to an abandoned patch of dirt next to a park.

2. After…

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2 thoughts on “Talk About the Queen of Chaos!

  1. This of course, is criminal and disgusting. But it is also good, because Americans are now going to have to awaken to the truth that their government doesn’t represent them, period, and so voting is a futile waste of time and energy on their part!

    “The party’s over…!”


  2. I wonder. From a Google search, it appears the California electoral fraud is being ignored in the mainstream media. From outside the US, it’s really hard to assess the level of awareness of the American public.


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