Baby Bust: US Fertility Rate Unexpectedly Drops to Lowest on Record

Large numbers of women electing not to have children is one of the clearest signs the US economy is in deep trouble. I guess it’s not terribly surprising with all the young people forced to live with their parents for economic reasons.


Economists figured the recovery would bring about increased confidence and a rise in the birth rate.

Instead, the rate dropped into a tie with the lowest birth rate on record.

This is yet another surprise for economists to ponder.

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6 thoughts on “Baby Bust: US Fertility Rate Unexpectedly Drops to Lowest on Record

  1. I see the Birth rate is declining with Hispanic population the quickest, maybe Birth control with Catholic Church is finally coming to it scenes. Interesting that death rate in US is Increasing well births are down.


    • As far as I can see, gerry, the church hierarchy (from the Pope down) is still violently against birth control. Fortunately, however, Catholic women are getting much better at ignoring them.


  2. From all their anti-abortion and anti-birth control rhetoric, it would seem the elite still want women to have lots of babies. Child rearing has always been an important driver of economic growth – people with young children are forced to spend lots of money – they have no choice. The elite also have a terror of labor shortages that dates back to the Middle Ages. Not only do labor shortages drive wages up, but historically all true worker run democracies are linked with labor shortages (see, I know they intend to replace us with robots eventually but they still need millions of us to build the robots.


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