Uber’s car leasing program turns its drivers into modern-day sharecroppers — Quartz

Behind the shiny veneer of Uber’s venture capital–backed technological innovation lies a time-tested business model: labor exploitation. Uber’s latest scheme is a new spin on the age-old practice of sharecropping. Struggling to find enough drivers willing to put miles on their own cars, Uber recently began offering subprime auto loans to would-be drivers, conveniently extracting…

via Uber’s car leasing program turns its drivers into modern-day sharecroppers — Quartz

9 thoughts on “Uber’s car leasing program turns its drivers into modern-day sharecroppers — Quartz

  1. Why would anybody want to do this? Although I just finished watching a Youtube video that states that Uber drivers make..drum roll please! $90K a year and that taxi drivers in New York only make $30K a year. I guess these figures are lies? I don’t know but if there are people who are willing to do this, I kinda think that would be on them. Personally, I would not use my personal vehicle as a taxi. But it is done all the time.

    State-funded medical programs in most states pay for patients to get back and forth to doctor appointments and the drivers use their own personal car, and must pay a certain fee to be licensed to transport people, also keep up insurance, be drug-free and pass a physical. So, this is not unheard of. Oh and most don’t have health insurance. It’s getting bad, it really is.


    • You’re right. Those figures are lies. Steven Hill writes in detail how Uber drivers are screwed over in his book Raw Deal. https://stuartjeannebramhall.com/2016/01/15/the-ugly-truth-about-airbnb-uber-and-task-rabbit/

      The only way drivers can make any money is by agreeing to be available during peak hours and then they have no guarantee of picking up a ride. Even worse management keeps altering the payment arrangements without advance notice. Most people who drive for Uber only do it as a last resort because they can’t find any other work.

      Hill also explains that the whole idea of a taxi medallion system (in which cities license and set up taxi regulations) is to protect cab drivers from being exploited. Unions fought really hard for these protections. The $30K number is also ludicrous.


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