17-months Later U.S. Can’t Find any Iraqis to ‘Train’*

Once again, Obama’s foreign policy exposed as a tissue of lies.

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17-months Later U.S. Can’t Find any Iraqis to ‘Train’*

In a blow to a central component of the US military’s strategy in the Iraq/Syria region, current and former US military officials said efforts to retrain and reunify Iraq’s regular army have failed to create enough combat units or limit sectarian militias.

“The Iraqi military’s capacity hasn’t improved that much – part of that is the continuing challenge of recruitment and retention,” retired U.S. Lieutenant General Mick Bednarek told Reuters in an exclusive story.

Bednarek led the U.S. military’s training programs in Iraq from 2013 to 2015. He said that, despite having 4,000 U.S. soldiers for instructors, they faced multiple challenges, as very few Iraqis were willing to join the military and low-level Iraqi officers resisted sending units for American training.

Military officials estimated that, as of October, only five Iraqi army divisions were ready for battle, with combat readiness…

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4 thoughts on “17-months Later U.S. Can’t Find any Iraqis to ‘Train’*

  1. And who could blame them? The Iraqi people know who is responsible for the destruction and devastation that has been wrought in their country. Hell! They would probably much prefer to fight with those who claim to be fighting against the destructive empire that IS AmeriKKKa!

    I wouldn’t lift a damn finger for an AmeriKKKan in Iraq either. That would be tantamount to treason; to be trained by YOUR enemy, the one who is responsible for the deaths of your countrymen.

    This mess in AmeriKKKa is insane! They truly expect the Iraqi people to join them in fighting insurgents that are only there because of AmeriKKKa’s meddling? For the love of …..!!!!!!!!!


  2. Excellent point, Shelby. By this point the Iraqi people are wise to the fact that the US war in the Middle East is just an old-fashioned war of empire – that the US intends to colonize them – exactly as they have colonized Latin America over the last 100 years. The people of Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya have also woken up to American intentions and Obama’s efforts to colonize them are also failing. The simple fact is that the US is on the wrong side of history – they no longer have the economic power to maintain puppet dictatorships on six continents.

    Thanks for your comment.


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