Black Liberation: How Obama Abandoned the Black Community

The following is a presentation by Keehanga-Yamahtta Taylor about her book from #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation. The main focus of the talk is the total abandonment of the black community by America’s first black president Barack Obama.

African Americans have double the unemployment rate of other US workers, 40% of African American children live in poverty, 55% of black workers earn under $55 and police shoot and kill an average of 900 African Americans a year.*

What Taylor finds even more galling is that Obama persistently blames African Americans for their own living conditions. When most of the world Wall Street for the economic cataclysm visited on white working class in 2008, Obama proclaimed there was “no excuse” for African Americans living in poverty.

Taylor  goes on to discuss the disproportionate shut down of public services (schools, libraries, hospitals, etc) and safety net programs in black communities.

She also points out the total disconnect between policing and crime, which is declining. She gives the example of New York and other cities that use their police force to help meet budget targets, New York City, for example, generates $10 million a year from parking tickets and $1 billion from court fines (derived disproportionately from African American neighborhoods because New York police deliberately target them).

She also cites the problem of overt police racism, as evidenced by the texts cops send each other – with racist messages such as “white power”, “niggers must be killed” and “niggers must be spayed.”

*This number is an underestimate as only 1,000 out of 18,000 urban police departments report police killings to the Department of Justice.

6 thoughts on “Black Liberation: How Obama Abandoned the Black Community

  1. Chuck the Soros connection and BLM. Now truth be told obama did nothing to help Nu-Afrikanz in Chiraq (Chicago) nothing waz expected from hiz bitch azz. Truth be told BLM haz nothing to do with the Black Liberation Movement that iz nothing more than fallacy. Comparing themselvez to the Black Panther Party (BPP) nothing more a cheap magicianz palor trick to get their name out there. and it worked then the truth came they whole agenda waz for and about LBGT people.


    • Thanks for the comment, Moorbey. I myself thought the talk was going to be about #BlackLivesMatter since that’s the title of her book. But she hardly mentions #BlackLivesMatter (I think she refers to them once) – the whole talk is about police brutality and Obama’s pathetic treatment of the African American community. Of course, I’m just speculating – but I wonder if she wrote the book before the news broke about Soros’s involvement in this movement and now she’s embarrassed to talk about it.

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  2. Well, I don’t think Obama ‘abandoned’ the Black community. You must first take up a cause before you can ‘abandon’ it and he never even took up the cause of the plight of Black people in AmeriKKKa. That bootlicking, drone striking coonhead house Negro was never Black enough for the rest of us. I was surprised that he had a wife as ‘Black’ as Michelle, but hell! She is just as much a ‘sell-out’ as he is.

    I soon took my rose-colored glasses off, stomped the hell out of them and even though some Black folks still believe that Obama walks on water, I can’t answer for them, but I wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire to help put it out.

    And I said years ago, that once that coonhead slithered and crawled out of the White House that he would not crawl back to Chicago and was I right? Yes, indeed, I was. His ass is going to stay in Washington in an upscale neighborhood, ostensibly because of his daughter’s education. Yeah! Right! If he couldn’t have put it on that, he’d of put it on something else. But he’ll never slither back to Chicago, of that, I am in NO doubt!


    • My personal view is that neither Barack nor Michelle identify as being African American. They identify as being “honorary” whites – as if once you’re total worth exceeds a million dollars it magically changes your skin color. They have both sold their soul and their dignity for wealth and power. I don’t envy either of them because it’s a very lonely place.

      Thanks for your comment, Shelby. Are you all packed and ready to go?

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      • Just about! I was out shopping today! I had the car loaded down with bags and boxes. I should be heading out before the end of this month. I’ll post a blog about it before I head out.

        Thanks for asking Dr. Bramhall!


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