Tax Fraud Trump – The Lies Of Donald Trump – ‘Report Exposes How Trump Dodged $20 Million In Taxes’

Not only does Trump refuse to release his tax records – there were years he didn’t pay any income tax despite being a millionaire.

The Last Of The Millenniums

trump tax fraud

Donald Trump - The Ugly American Donald Trump – The Ugly American

It’s slowly coming out because the media has been so drooling over having (sigh) The Donald on their network that they just fell flat on their faces in actually asking and demanding answers to their questions.

Trump – The Art Of The Con Job On America

We are not going to hear about this on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC or ANY news outlet.

Not when they spent a hour showing a picture of a podium, waiting for Trump to speak.

trump news

‘Donald Trump was involved at the highest levels in a cozy real estate deal that allowed $20 million in taxes owed to the federal government to go uncollected. The revelation comes as Trump still refuses to disclose his income taxes even as it emerged that years ago he paid no taxes, despite being a multi-millionaire (he claims to be a billionaire, but…

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9 thoughts on “Tax Fraud Trump – The Lies Of Donald Trump – ‘Report Exposes How Trump Dodged $20 Million In Taxes’

    • The corporate media refuses to cover Trump’s tax problems – so they’re obviously fudging the truth when they claim they give him the best coverage to sell newspapers (and air time). Trump’s tax fraud would sell a whole bunch of newspapers. You have to assume there are a whole bunch of fascist corporate backers who want Trump to get the Republican nomination. The mainstream media has handed it to him on a plate.

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      • As far as I can tell, it is always the fascist corporate types who decide the next stooge in office.

        If the elite didn’t want Trump to get this far, he would have been gone a long time ago.


    • Futuret what a bunch of Bull Shit The Banksters and Obama are one and same, HRC is in same league with Trump trying to catch up. get real with your doomsday scenario This notion gets legs when one considers that Obama is scaling down the American miliary to pre-World War II levels at the precise time that America should be beefing up its defenses in preparation for war that will likely kick off in Syria


  1. I think there’s fairly good evidence that Obama worked for the CIA and that Bill spied on antiwar protestors (most likely for the CIA) when he was a Rhodes Scholar in England. As for Obama scaling down the US military, he’s following Rumsfeld’s trajectory of turning both the military and intelligence over to unaccountable private contractors like Blackwater.


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