Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity from Microwave Technology Finally Medically Proven*

Despite all the hype, the whole purpose of Smart Meters and the Smart Grid is to make it easier for power companies to “trade” energy Enron style. EMF radiation from Smart Meters is roughly 160 times that of cell phones. Consumers have an absolute legal right not to have them installed on their homes. For more information see The Smart Meter Scam

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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity from Microwave Technology Finally Medically Proven*

Finally, there’s documented medical proof that electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a real-time health issue that actually can be verified using standard medical procedures and testing capabilities.

An international group of researchers aced it when they published their findings from the clinical study “Metabolic and Genetic Screening of Electromagnetic Hypersensitive Subjects as a Feasible Tool for Diagnostics and Intervention” in the November 2014 issue of Mediators of Inflammation.

So, the million-dollar-question has to be,

“When will utility companies get up to speed on the latest in microwave technology damage to the human body?” Also,

“When will public utility commissions nationwide institute proper procedures to protect consumers from such damage?”

Pennsylvanians currently are being bombarded by non-thermal health problems from public utility companies’ electric, natural gas and water Smart Meters, which operate using microwave technology. Furthermore, the PA House Consumer Affairs Committee Chair Robert Godshall…

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