Trump, Hitler and Right Wing Populism

Make America Hate Again

Reich Wing Watch (2016)

Film Review

Make America Hate Again, a documentary about Donald Trump’s right wing populism, likens his strong appeal for blue collar white men to that of Adolph Hitler. The film specifically examines the narcissistic personality disorder – the profound grandiosity, entitlement and absence of empathy – shared by both men. The filmmakers find it no accident that Trump enjoys the support of modern day white power supremacists and neo-Nazi fascists who idolize Hitler.

They also examine the appeal of racial scapegoating for white men struggling with profound fear and inadequacy in economically precarious times. As Hitler fomented irrational hatred of Jews to propel his rise to power, Trump foments irrational hatred of Muslims and #Blacklivesmatter activists.

The documentary includes great video footage of rabid Trump supporter Alex Jones foaming at the mouth, as well as audio footage of Michael Parenti lambasting mainstream politicians (and media) for concealing the link between capitalism and fascism.

In my view, the film’s major weakness is its failure to expand on this link. It makes brief mention of the German industrialists who financed Hitler’s rise to power. However it fails to mention the key role played by Wall Street corporations in the rise of Nazi Germany.

I was also disappointed by the documentary’s failure to examine the financial interests promoting Trump’s meteoric rise in the corporate media and public opinion polls.


9 thoughts on “Trump, Hitler and Right Wing Populism

  1. That Neo-Nazi mess was always simmering beneath the surface, so that it would not take much to make it rise just above the surface. Back when Obama was elected in 2008, there were signs in downtown Minneapolis, scratched on streetlight poles, stating, “it’s on in 2012.” Well, we all know that Obama was ‘elected’ to a 2nd term and so now, I guess, “it’s on THIS year.”

    Nothing that goes on in this shithole surprises me anymore. I already have my passport and know where I’m headed. Does what this shithole do have the potential to muck up the rest of the world? Hel yesl! That’s a given, but I refuse to remain at ground zero. If they want Trump, they are welcome to him, but as for me, I want no part of Trump or Hillary. And the rapid spiraling down that will commence on an even grander scale cannot be stopped regardless of who slithers inside the Oval Office. This Titanic is sinking. The retail stores are shuttering their doors. The fast food restaurants are firing employees and are installing kiosks. I don’t know who they expect to order a burger from the kiosk menu, when the fallback jobs are gone, but if they ain’t figured this scenario out, then that’s going to be on their bottom line and therefore, not my problem.

    Thanks for posting this, Dr. Bramhall!


    • Thanks for comment, Shelby. I can definitely identify with the feeling of being at Ground Zero. My experience living outside the the US is that it’s far easier to find people who know how to think and who are willing to fight back against an obscenely greedy global elite who have lost any ounce of compassion or empathy against the worker bees that make their wealth possible. When I still lived in the US, I found that the billions spent on brainwashing Americans with false values, spying on them to ensure that that don’t read subversive websites or express subversive thoughts and infiltrating their community groups, organizations and even churches made effective resistance virtually impossible.

      It’s great to hear you’ve got a passport and are planning to get out.

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  2. Dr. Bramhall, I know where you’re coming from because I too used to think Hitler was a man of “profound grandiosity, entitlement and absence of empathy.” As a former progressive type thinker who woke to false flags as you’ve done, I say the rabbit hole is deeper, and WWII is a huge foundational part of it. Waking up to the lies of the victors has been a great astonishment, but also freeing – the truth sets us free.
    For those that can bravely question what you’ve been taught, listen to the man himself, on his nation’s struggle against the 1%.

    You might also be interested in The Greatest Story Never Told and Hellstorm, two documentaries that for once tell the other side.
    Trump is just the right part of the right / left dialectic that keeps us busy, so the establishment carries on.


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