The People Against TPP

Americans Fight Back Against TPPA

By Eleanor Goldfield on Art Killing Apathy

Today, Flush the TPP organized a rally and street theater condemning the United States International Trade Commission’s (USITC) report on the TPP. Just as the USITC reported with NAFTA and the Free Trade Agreement with Korea, their analysis of what TPP will do to and for our country is grossly off point.

To counter their continued corporatized findings, activists acted out an example of how the TPP will affect climate change and environmental legislation. Using ISDS, corporate trade tribunals, corporations would be able to place their profit above people and planet, holding their bottom line sovereign over public health, safety, justice, peace and human rights.

Flush the TPP co-founder Margaret Flowers also introduced the People’s Economic Impact Statement for the TPP: a non-corporatized look at what the TPP will do to and for our country. Further reporting on that will come in next week’s episode of Act Out! and you can also find it on theFlush the TPP website.

Please do spread and share the images below. Credit Eleanor Goldfield/Art Killing Apathy.


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