New Panama Papers Scandal: Who is Really George Soros and How He Hides His Billions Offshore

Soros needs to pay his taxes like the rest of us instead of financing faux color revolutions in Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

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American hedge fund billionaire George Soros is back in the headlines for two things: his most recent funding projects and new revelations that the shadowy political donor has been hiding his fortune from US regulators with Mossack Fonseca, the firm behind the Panama Papers leak. Soros has a total of three offshore companies through Mossack Fonseca alone (certainly more to be revealed in the future).

Brief video report:

As we know from earlier revelations, Soros financed a large group of journalists (about 400 in total), who were hired to dig up offshore dirt on Vladimir Putin and various other heads of state and celebrities, using the Panama papers leak.

It is clear to me that all others were a smoke screen, while the actual target was Vladimir Putin and Russia, as part of the escalating hybrid 4D info war. This is especially undeniable because all Western, especially British, publications, plus…

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6 thoughts on “New Panama Papers Scandal: Who is Really George Soros and How He Hides His Billions Offshore

  1. Soros is past eighty years old. The old billionaires like him and Buffet and Rockefeller seem unable to stop competing with each other for higher placement on the Forbes Richest lists, reminding of a Gahan Wilson Playboy cartoon from years ago showing the billionaire 90-something celebrating the fact that he’d “outlived them all”. Remarkable phenomenon, the power/money junkies. Unfortunately, as the years pile up and the inevitable day draws closer, some billionaires sport of choice seems to become messing with the world through destabilization, overthrows and wars.


  2. Tubularsock has noticed that these rich old guys really have little to do. In the good old days they could stack their coin and gold and see just how high it could go. But today there isn’t any coin or gold. It is just data on a computer screen that someone else have to decipher and hell video games are more interesting.

    Tubularsock got his paycheck once and stacked his coin and it was just enough for some white bread and jam on Tuesdays!


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