Clinton launches appeal for right-wing Republican support

I’d say this was pretty predictable.

By Tom Hall
6 May 2016

With Donald Trump effectively winning the Republican nomination on Tuesday after his victory in the Indiana primary, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is moving aggressively to attract layers of the Republican Party opposed to Trump’s candidacy by portraying herself as the more reliable figure to head the US military-intelligence apparatus.

The Clinton campaign sent out a press release Wednesday boasting that Clinton would receive support from many top Republicans who would prefer the Democrat to Trump. The press release cited statements from 41 Republican politicians and commentators expressing either opposition to Trump in the general election or open support for Hillary Clinton as the better candidate. This was the first official response by the Clinton campaign to Trump’s clinching of the nomination.

The list of Republicans opposing Trump includes two former heads of the Republican National Committee; four staffers for the campaigns of Mitt Romney…

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2 thoughts on “Clinton launches appeal for right-wing Republican support

  1. Democrat – Republican – Republican – Democrat – can anyone really tell the difference? Those poor Americans have been voting for the same two parties for 200 years, and they’re still pathetically hoping that something’s going to change. Wake up, guys and girls!


    • I’ve just finished reading War is Lie, which I plan to review tomorrow. David Swanson, the author, carefully documents the early history of the US War of Independence. According to Swanson, the US was never intended to be a democracy. The lure of democracy was held out to persuade poor farmers to fight for independence – and immediately nullified. The ruling elite who founded the US intended to turn it into a military empire to rival Britain from the beginning. And military empires have never been compatible with democracy.


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