Aleppo Doctor Attacks Western Media for Bias, Censorship and Lies*

All the media never talk about the loss of life in the east of Aleppo which is entirely controlled by Al Nusra, a terrorist group affiliated with Al Qaeda.

They never mention the continuous bombardment in western Aleppo, where every single sector has been targeted.

What makes these omissions even more despicable is that these areas represent 75% of Aleppo and there are 1.5 million people living in them. Compare this to the 300,000 living in the eastern zone which is occupied by terrorist groups.

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Aleppo Doctor Attacks Western Media for Bias, Censorship and Lies*

By Vanessa Beeley

When the US and NATO war of aggression was launched against Syria,  Dr Nabil Antaki could have abandoned Aleppo to ensure his own safety. Instead he decided to remain and to serve the besieged people of his City, working with various local charities.  Above all, he wanted to bear witness to the destruction caused by Western support for the foreign armed groups who have been systematically destroying Syria and terrorising its people for the last 5 years.

Yesterday Silvia Cattori recorded this report from Dr Antaki on the recent amplification of propaganda surrounding events in Aleppo.  It has been translated from the French by Vanessa Beeley.

By Nabil Antaki
30th April 2016

Victim of Al Nusra terrorist mortar fire in western Aleppo. Photo: Samer Hussein

“With regards to recent events in Aleppo, I state very clearly that…

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4 thoughts on “Aleppo Doctor Attacks Western Media for Bias, Censorship and Lies*

  1. The same propaganda reporting applies to the conflict in Donbass. They always report about Russian backed insurgents. From the MSM reportage you would think that Donbass was shelling its own buildings, etc., pure propaganda. It is the two year anniversary of the Odessa massacre when scores of ethnic Russians were burned alive in a building. These events are largely not covered because they do not promote U.S. Foreign Policy.


  2. I find this area very compelling, the facts are not factual. The media PsyOps has taken control of everything. Which in part we know the Media is owned by 3 Corporations.

    I will add we may never know the truth, even when war became a Televised Reality Show.
    I am horrified by the extent of dethenitized humans walking the Planet.

    Thank you


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