Sanders backs Obama “kill list,” troops to Syria

Bernie Sanders parades his imperialist credentials.

By a reporter
27 April 2016

Towards the end of a town hall meeting in Philadelphia broadcast last Monday night over MSNBC, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders declared his support for the Obama administration’s program of assassination by drone-fired missiles and its steady build-up of US troop strength in Syria and Iraq.

These statements underscore the unity across the bourgeois political spectrum, among all the presidential candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties, in favor of stepped-up military intervention in the Middle East, including the use of drones that have killed thousands of civilians.

The discussion was initiated by a 29-year-old Sanders supporter, not by MSNBC host Chris Hayes, the moderator of the town hall—a significant fact, since no journalist for the corporate-controlled media has pressed any of the candidates about drone missile assassinations or other lawless actions by the Obama administration.

The questioner, Miguel Garces, was clearly skeptical about Obama’s…

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5 thoughts on “Sanders backs Obama “kill list,” troops to Syria

  1. No, Sanders is not a dove. Still, he is a moderate, not a hawk. Maybe he would listen to an anti-war coalition that bothered to challenge him, get his attention, like he did with BlackLivesMatter. The original article linked to here ends with a leap of logic to, “Bernie Sanders is an imperialist politician, a defender of the global interests of the very “millionaires and billionaires” he claims to oppose.” That is unfair, and an example of all or nothing thinking.


    • Good point, JoAnn. I just heard a great presentation by David Sanders (which I will post in a minute) about progressives being to timid to oppose all wars because they’re too timid to take on a powerful corporate elite.

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      • With time. For example, Bernie Sanders’ campaign has built confidence in masses of people that they CAN have an impact on political outcomes. I hope that may be a significant step in getting over timidity. I’ll look for your post!


  2. From what I have read, Sanders has always been a supporter of the military and wars.

    This is why I contend these stooges are all alike. And even if they’re not, once they have been selected by the elite, they will do as they are told, or else….!


  3. You’re right Sojourner – there are no saviors in our current crisis. However I think, JoAnn, has a point I’ve always believed that where the people lead politicians follow. Moreover I have proved it to myself many times through my own activism.


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