Will Trump Cause the Downfall of the Republican Party?

Excellent talk by NPR correspondent Mara Liasson outlining how Donald Trump’s candidacy threatens to put the Republican Party out of business. A pity she never speaks this frankly on public radio.

She explores the efforts by the Wall Street based Republican leadership to woo blue collar voters (based on social issues such as abortion, immigration, etc) without addressing their economic needs – how this has backfired with Trump’s presidential candidacy.


5 thoughts on “Will Trump Cause the Downfall of the Republican Party?

  1. On the subject of the two parties being more aligned, both neocons, I am reading a rather lengthy article that claims the two party system was set up, originally, this way, so a candidate or president could be booted out by the people, but the elite agenda would still be carried out.

    Trump is a bloviating ass, of this there is no doubt. But I have to say that I am sick to death of all the “statesmen” types; they all sound alike and look alike. So in this sense, Trump has at least strayed from the stage show, the soap opera, that has been going on for far too long. And this is why many of the uninformed/uneducated ‘Mericans on the far right are flocking to him.

    To be honest, I am waiting for the entire system to collapse. And if it should, all I can say is good riddance. I have despised this farce for decades, but this group of asses is the worst I have ever seen. The absolute worst!


    • I think everyone agrees the 2 party system will continue – some people are speculating a new party (the Tea Party perhaps?) will replace the Republicans. The Federalist Party (Jefferson’s political party) only lasted 30 years.


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