Trump Rejects Union Vote in Las Vegas Hotel

Tell Donald Trump: Make a deal with your Las Vegas hotel employees!





I am a housekeeper at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas. This past December, a majority of employees like me at Trump Las Vegas voted YES to a union. But Trump’s company has refused listen to us and honor the results of our election.

Instead, they’ve blocked negotiations through legal challenges – which so far have gone nowhere. A federal officer recently recommended that the company’s list of objections be “overruled in their entirety” – and that the NLRB certify the union.Instead of sitting down to negotiate a fair contract, Trump company lawyers are still fighting to overturn the election.

If Donald Trump wants to “Make America Great Again,” he should start by negotiating a deal with his us – his Las Vegas hotel employees – just like his company did for workers at Trump Toronto in Canada.

Just last year, Trump workers in Canada voted for a union and have since negotiated their first contract – a deal that gives workers much like us a chance to provide for their families, keep their kids healthy, enjoy job protections and security, and one day retire with dignity.

We just want a fair deal like Trump workers in Canada got.

Donald Trump wrote the book on The Art of the Deal. It’s time he sits down and negotiates with us. We deserve to have our vote counted.

In solidarity,
Maria Mendoza

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3 thoughts on “Trump Rejects Union Vote in Las Vegas Hotel

    • A friend recently shared some data on recent research on Trump supporters. The 3 characteristics most had in common were 1) they never finished high school 2) they live in trailer parks and 3) they identify their ethnicity as “American” on census forms. Other research shows that most Americans finish high school, live in regular homes and know the meaning of the word ethnicity. So I think it’s safe to assume that Trump doesn’t represent most Americans.


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