French Activists Real Target of State of Emergency

Paris State of Emergency

Medialien (2016)

Film Review

Paris State of Emergency is a short documentary revealing how French police are using the state of emergency declared in November 2015 to target social justice activists rather than Islamic terrorists.

This has resulted in numerous warrantless house searches by armed SWAT teams, as well as arbitrary arrest and heavy police violence against squatters and peaceful protesters.

French activists find themselves in a similar position as US activists after 9-11 and the passage of the Patriot Act. The latter has targeted vastly more activists than terrorists for surveillance, home invasion and arrest.

The French activists interviewed also complain of heavy infiltration of their organizations by police informants – which explains how French authorities could immediately target key organizers once they declared the state of emergency.

6 thoughts on “French Activists Real Target of State of Emergency

  1. It appears that the powers have declared war declared on the people around the world, especially those people who see the issues clearly, and are willing to take a stand against the tyranny.

    I am a little amazed that most of the young people, here, didn’t seem to understand that it is false-flags that have led to this kind of governmental tyranny. Perhaps, the French are as unaware of the system’s use of false-flags to restrict individual freedom as most Americans seem to be?


    • I don’t know about France, but in the US “liberals” and “progressives” who subscribe to so-called conspiracy theories about presidential assassinations and and false flag events are systematically shunned and discredited. I suspect this has a lot to do with the continued domination of the progressive movement by CIA-funded left gatekeeping foundations.

      There was a brief time I considered myself a progressive. I was always roundly trashed whenever I tried to bring these subjects up. The line they fed me was that I was a disloyal progressive because only right wing people promote conspiracy theories.

      An obvious (and effective ploy) to drive a wedge between anarchists and libertarians who share so many of the same concerns.

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      • “An obvious (and effective ploy) to drive a wedge between anarchists and libertarians who share so many of the same concerns.”

        Sounds right to me!

        I posted an article a few weeks back that shows the CIA created the term, Conspiracy Theories/Theorist, as a device to silence those who would attempt to expose the truth about this government.

        So I have no doubt your suspicions are right on the mark!


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