The US Colonization of Latin America

The War On Democracy

Directed by John Pilger (2007)

Film Review

The War Against Democracy is about the US colonization of Latin America, specifically the role of the CIA and the US military in systematically overthrowing democratically elected governments in Central and South America. In each case, the US installs hand picked right wing dictators who forcibly expel indigenous peasants from their land and privatize publicly owned assets and resources for the benefit of US corporations.

Australian filmmaker John Pilger begins by focusing on the US war against Venezuela’s democratically elected government, carefully debunking Washington and media lies depicting former president Hugo Chavez as a communist dictator. In addition to tracing the massive popular movement that brought Chavez to power, the documentary also features dramatic footage of the failed US-sponsored 2002 coup.

Pilger also highlights the 1954 coup in Guatemala, the 1973 coup in Chile and the Bolivian revolution that overturned Bolivia’s right wing government and bring the country’s first indigenous president (Evo Morales) to power in 2003.

Pilger’s interviews with former CIA agents who helped orchestrate some of these coups are priceless.


18 thoughts on “The US Colonization of Latin America

  1. I’ve said it before, this government is a virulent disease that, left alone to do as it desires, will destroy humanity and the planet.

    I will reblog and view over the weekend!


  2. I’d be interested in what Pilger thought about the Vatican being a Washington mouthpiece. Pope John Paul 11 was instrumental in supporting Solidarity and the Orange revolution. Pope Benedict gave an anti-Islam Regensburg lecture after years of U.S. bloody intervention in the Middle East. I suspect that the current Pope’s statement that Trump was not a Christian had its origin in Republican party bosses who know that Trump is unelectable in a general election.


    • PeaceFrog, you could probably contact Pilger through his website and ask him –

      Vatican links with the CIA and known fascists is of quite longstanding.

      Pope Pius VI ran the Nazi Rat Line helping Nazi war criminals escape to South America.

      Mother Teresa also strongly supported P2 neofascists in Albania and Italy. Christopher Hitchens writes about this in The Misisonary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice.


  3. An amazing, excellent video. I wish every American with a conscience could watch this, and be as affected by it as I have been,

    Thank you, Dr Bramhall!


      • It is amazing how much information is withheld by the msm.

        I almost felt like cheering when the Venezuelan people raised up, and the army followed suit.

        This will be what we need to happen here and in Europe as well, if Americans and Europeans can ever find the guts to do something.


  4. Dr. Bramhall, thanks for continuing to put eye-opening documentaries in front of us. I love when he said: “there is no poverty where human values reign…” By this description, humans are valued very little around the world including in a so-called rich country like the U.S. where millions are working for less than substandard wages and scrambling to survive…


    • Thanks for commenting, HG. You make an excellent book about poverty. I just finished a book by Richard S Reddie about the British abolition of the transatlantic slave trade in 1807. Reddie also makes an astute observations about poverty. He says people who keep asking why the poor are poor are asking the wrong question. If people asked the important question – why the rich are rich – we could solve the problem of institutionalized poverty in a matter of years.


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