Where to Invade Next (2016)

Review of Michael Moore’s latest film.

Political Film Blog


by David Swanson

Your new movie, Where to Invade Next, is very powerful, your best so far for certain.

Get well.


We need you.

You’ve packed a great many issues into this film, with visuals, with personalities, with entertainment. If people will watch this, they’ll learn what many of us have struggled to tell them and more, as there was plenty that I learned as well.

I must assume that when U.S. audiences watch scenes that dramatically clash with their world yet seem humane and reasonable they’ll be brought to the point ofthinking.

You show us political candidates, not screeching for more prisons, but holding a televised election debate in a prison in an effort to win the votes of the prisoners, who are permitted to vote. What are we to make of that? You also show us scenes from U.S. prisons of grotesque brutality. Then you show…

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10 thoughts on “Where to Invade Next (2016)

  1. “I must assume that when U.S. audiences watch scenes that dramatically clash with their world yet seem humane and reasonable they’ll be brought to the point of thinking.”

    I don’t get this. And within the context of your smart, solid peice, I REALLY don’t get it. American audiences have long been widely exposed to a global range of human activity, via countless platforms. Time after time (with some historic exceptions) most dramatic clashes have revealed that the one with the ” humane and reasonable” image problem is, of course, America. And America has never, ever indicated that anything will make the slightest difference in how it will continue to accumulate and wield that power.
    Thus, from a revolutionary perspective, the assumption you express above either leaps out of a classic liberal Retreat Manuver, or it locates you somewhere in Dreamland.
    However, your other facts are beautifully right, your perspective is historically sound, your depth of feeling is moving – and your maddening faith in dialogue feels more coherent since I discovered that you’re a Catholic 45 seconds ago: I mean even Dorothy Day would never have picked up a gun, and she was practically a Communist!

    I just hope and pray that if the American Left DOES have life in it yet, we’ll find the heart to unite and the courage to fight.

    Thank-you for your impressive post, brother. My apologies re any possible smart-alec tendencies.

    Peace Out


  2. Hi, Stuart. Thanks for posting this. Your blog has become a substantial resource for many – congratulations!
    Thanks also for dropping by and commenting on Electrica. Although I’m no longer producing original journalism there, hopefully it will sort of save my place until I’m in a position to do my work again.

    Peace In!


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