Chicago – ‘TPP is Betrayal’ Action

6 thoughts on “Chicago – ‘TPP is Betrayal’ Action

  1. Reblogged this on Puppet Master's Slave Market and commented:
    I am astounded that mainstream media the History Channel 2 and the series American book of secrets has begun slowly releasing truthful concepts to the American people. An example is a doumentary on the Billionaire 1% agenda and another is the ICE scret prisons. Disclosure and preparation for the White Hat-White Dragon factions global take down of the cabal ?


  2. With the mainstreammedia being infiltrated by the truthwe may once again breath a little easier that the good guys are going to try to restore freedom and suspend the reign of terror of the 1%.Perhaps the truth will win in the end. We may yet experience dire times wars and mass hysteria as the clock of civilization is rewound and calibrated. Hope is the anchor life. We do not forgive we do not forget. Revolution is coming.


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