Anti-TPPA Protestors Shut Down Central Auckland

I and eleven other New Plymouth protesters have just returned from shutting down central Auckland during the TPPA signing yesterday.

While 15,000+ protesters marched down Queens Street, 1500 of us engaged in roving blockades shutting down all the streets leading into Central Auckland for four hours. The streets were deserted as we occupied key intersections and boogied to reggae music. It was surreal – reclaiming the streets for a giant street party. Several hundred blockaders briefly shut down the freeway and the Harbour Bridge.

The public response has been phenomenal with hundreds of new activists joining our movement to block TPPA ratification.



Here’s the coverage from RT:


27 thoughts on “Anti-TPPA Protestors Shut Down Central Auckland

  1. GOOD FOR YOU AND MORE POWER TO ALL OF YOU, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, AND WORK FOR THE GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. With this many jobs lost in the US, that will put Obama in the negative, when it comes to “creating jobs”. As if he has created any real jobs, beyond working at a fast food restaurant or working on a garbage truck.

    I doubt that anything like this will happen here. I read an article the other day that claimed even the groups who do protest, here, are disorganized and have no long term plan, or subsequent planning, for truly making any difference at all.

    And I have to agree, since I see nothing changing here, because of these groups’ actions.

    I’m not bad mouthing them, I just believe it is going to have to be a major uprising in order to get the attention of the scum.

    But I admire you for what you are attempting to do! And more power to you!


    • I tend to disagree. My experience is that the US anti-TPP group – run by Dr Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese – is extremely well organized. Many of us Kiwis are on their email distribution list to keep us to date on their activities. At present they’re targeting the mainstream media and Democrats in Congress, mainly via Twitter storms and similar social media campaigns, in addition to educating more Americans through social media and national speaking tours. Thanks to their hard work, a number of pro-TPP Democrats are losing their election primaries and this has all the other congressional Democrats running scared.

      Their two main objectives at present are 1) to block a congressional vote on TPP in July and 2) to make it a major campaign issue for both parties in November (to block Hillary from trying to ratify it in 2017).

      The important point here is they are mobilizing thousands of Americans around this issue – just as we’re mobilizing thousands of Kiwis.

      It was this kind of dedicated, labor intensive grassroots organizing that killed the WTO (the World Trade Organization). This is the whole reason Obama has spent 8 years trying to push the TPP through – because we killed the WTO and it’s kangaroo courts and secret tribunals. And I see no reason why we can’t kill TPP the same way.

      This pressure on Congress is clearly starting to pay off. Here’s Elizabeth Warren speaking out at the beginning of the week:

      Politicians don’t stick their neck out like this unless they know they have massive support behind them.

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  3. Great video! And it would seem that Americans stand to lose the most from this trade agreement if what RT says is an indication because the most severe job losses will occur in the states but I don’t see Americans protesting on the scale of you guys.

    Like I always say, I despair OF us. I’ve long since given up despairing FOR us because we simply refuse to get up off our ass and do the hard part and when the shit hits the fan, then we want to whine about it. But good on you guys for at least going the distance!

    Thank you for posting this Dr. Bramhall. I watched both videos and I must say, I just love the Reggae music!


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