Free the Move 9! NYC Stand in Solidarity in with Parole for The Move 9

Watch the documentary about Move at May 13, 1985

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Panel Discussion February 12 in NYC. Featuring Ramona Africa, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Johanna Fernandez, Suzanne Ross and others

Global Research, January 31, 2016 14 January 2016

NYC Stand in Solidarity in with Parole for the Move 9 – Friday Night 2/12/16

On Friday night, February 12th 2016 join the move organization along with all our friends and supporters in the NYC area for an evening of solidarity for parole for Move political prisoners.

The program will be taking place at the Malcolm X Doctor Betty Shabazz center located at 3940 Broadway @ 165th Street.

The main focus will be on the upcoming May 2016 parole hearings for Janet, Janine, and Debbie Africa.

free-move93-300x231We have a great line up on the main panel which will include:
Ramona Africa
Pam Africa
Mumia Abu Jamal
Amina Baraka
Caleb Maupin
Suzanne Ross
James McIntosh
Harabic Tubman
Iman al Talib…

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2 thoughts on “Free the Move 9! NYC Stand in Solidarity in with Parole for The Move 9

  1. I do declare! I wish I could be there! These people should not still be cooling their heels in prison after all this time and for what? Because I have read articles about them and in my opinion, the government is just plain flat out WRONG!!


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