Russian “Weaponized Default” Will Cause Financial Collapse Of Entire Western World

Putin strikes back – where it hurts.

A new law Putin has submitted to the Russian Duma requires Russian Federation companies, both public and private, to immediately cease paying over $700 billion in loan payments to any bank having a nationality, or even branches, in any country currently having sanctions, or threatening sanctions, against Russia.

According to a report from the Russian Security Council, this “weaponized default” threatens to plunge both the United States and European Union into immediate depression, if not outright total economic collapse.

Satu Insan - Malaysia

Russian “Weaponized Default” Law Threatens Collapse Of Entire Western World

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A new report issued today by the Security Council (SC) states that President Putin has just forwarded to the Duma (legislator/parliament) one of the most feared set of laws ever seen in modern Russian history that once enacted would create the worst “economic cyclone” the Western world has ever seen and plunge both the United States and European Union into immediate depression, if not outright total economic collapse.


According to this report, these new laws were ordered drawn up this past year by the Security Council who tasked famed economist Sergei Glazyev with devising what is being labeled as a “Weaponized Default” and Russia’s “ultimate answer” to Western aggression and orders all Federation companies, both public and private, to immediately cease paying…

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17 thoughts on “Russian “Weaponized Default” Will Cause Financial Collapse Of Entire Western World

    • It has never made sense to me that countries sanctioned by the US continue to repay their debts to Wall Street. I mean why would they? Eventually your economy deteriorates to the point you have no money to pay. It occurs to me that Putin’s next move may be to establish sovereign money in Russia (since Wall Street won’t lend him any more money at this point). What do you reckon?

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      • The Vlad surprises us all constantly. Especially his avoidance of all the traps that the US and its minions set up for Russia. He is a master chess player. I play chess. You always remember that protecting the King, in this case, Russia, is the main and only goal. I believe he will pay lip service to the Americans and Europeans, and then will set up a parallel economy not based on the worthless US dollar. Brics has to be the way for Russia and China. (And Brazil, South Africa, and India). They won;t need to play with the American rules no more. At this point, most clever analysts are not betting on anything American. They’re going down and will take all their minions with them. The USA only recourse will be wars, wars and more wars. Putin knows that. He will avoid the sinking ship that is America today.


  1. Love it! I hope it happens!

    As hard as this would be, at least it would somewhat level the playing field and wake up the red white and blue idiots!


    • I’m pretty sure the Duma will pass it. I found it interesting to see economist Sergei Glazyev’s name mentioned. Hopefully we will start to hear more about Putin’s advisers. He’s clearly surrounded by some really shrewd advisers. He doesn’t think up all this shit himself.

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      • I know Putin is no saint, since there is no such thing, when it comes to politicians. But he seems to be much more rational that the assholes running this nightmare.

        I can hardly bear to listen to Obama or any other government stooge anymore.


  2. This is indeed happy news. Certainly it is bad for the Empire, that is, in terms of its economic power projection around the globe, assuming the crazies in Washington and the Pentagon aren’t convinced of their invulnerability in military terms. I’m inclined to agree with William Engdahl’s conclusion in an article he wrote, titled “Russia Breaking Wall St Oil Price Monopoly,” and which you can read here:

    The conclusion reads:

    “A dramatic decline for the role of the dollar as world reserve currency, if coupled with a Russia-styled domestic refocus on rebuilding America’s domestic economy, rather than out-sourcing everything, could go a major way to rebalance a world gone mad with war. Paradoxically, the de-dollarization, by denying Washington the ability to finance future wars by the investment in US Treasury debt from Chinese, Russian and other foreign bond buyers, could be a valuable contribution to genuine world peace. Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?”

    In other words, the American oligarchy might be somewhat “impoverished” as a result of loosing control over some of its foreign assets, but the average American stands a good chance of seeing a resurgence of the American economy in the aftermath of this potential torpedoing and sinking of the Empire. American capital would have to retrench back to its heartland to pursue its criminal enterprise — less good for the rich, better for the little guy, although it remains what it is, exploitation.


    • As I mention above, I think this move may open the backdoor to opt out of private bank created money (which mostly comes from Wall Street and London). About six months ago, a friend of mine saw a feature on RT about Russia setting up sovereign money in Crimea, but we have been unable to find the link.

      If Russia opts for sovereign money, I’m pretty sure Switzerland and Netherlands will hop in with them, as the policy enjoys strong popular support in both countries. And possibly New Zealand (at least if the Green Party has any say in it).


      • Just came across this website, for anyone who might be interested:

        It seems to be dedicated to ‘content’ relevant to the issue at hand: the financial/economic linkages between Russia and the West, in particular with Wall Street, or how the West managed to undermine the sovereignty of Russia in the early 1990s, the hegemonic control from which Russia is now trying to free itself. I haven’t really had a look yet, but may be you or anyone reading this comment might decide they want to root around. The title of the webpage is:

        Harvard Mafia, Andrei Shleifer and the Economic Rape of Russia: Chronicles of Harvard University Russian Economic Team Scam and Deep Corruption of Academic Economics

        If you get the jump on me and think the site might be worth while, let me know. I’ll do likewise.


  3. Needless to say – or based on the responses maybe this needs to be clarified: blaming Putin/Russia for what the Western financial oligarchy is doing is part of the usual blame-game. If there will be a total economic-financial meltdown, the actual reason for that is not Putin or Russia, but the Western financial aggressors, who keep the whole world under financial siege: the Fed, World Bank and the Lagarde-dictated Troika (IMF, EC, ECB). Whenever there is crisis anywhere in the world (Latvia, Ukraine, Greece, or the PIGS countries) it is due to the deliberate acts of these dubious individuals pulling the strings from behind the scenes. If there will be Western-world-wide collapse it will be triggered by them as well.

    In a sane world all country-leaders would resist the Western financial Mafia and strike back at them, like Putin does. Instead, our puppet-governments joyfully and obediently serve the gang, which is the actual reason for the ongoing crisis, austerity and debt-accumulation.

    For details see recent post:
    “The brewing perfect storm, IMF, Osborne’s threat-cocktail and the UK-version of Greek Debt Crisis”


  4. Great link, Sky. Duh. If you have a debt-based monetary system, you have to borrow money – otherwise you have no money in circulation to run your economy. It has absolutely nothing to do with living within your means. The big question is whether the Conservative politicians who run Britain are terribly stupid or if they deliberately perpetuate these falsehoods as an excuse to dismantle the UK’s social welfare system. I suspect the latter.


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