Collective Anarchism: Alive and Well in Rome

Radical Rome

Media-Lien (2015)

Film Review

Radical Rome is a short French documentary about Rome’s anarchist anti-austerity movement.

The film focuses mainly on private property the group has reclaimed as public space. One self-governing public space called ESC (Excel, Subtract, Create) has been occupied by activists for over 30 years and boasts a tea room, bike shop, cinema, theater, community kitchen, school for migrants and a sewing factory run by migrants. ESC is non-hierarchical and governs itself via weekly assemblies.

At present, Rome’s youth unemployment rate is 44%. Its anti-austerity movement is mainly driven by students, unemployed youth and older activists over 40.

9 thoughts on “Collective Anarchism: Alive and Well in Rome

  1. I don’t know if it is this video, but I saw a docu on this a couple of months back. In fact, this docu covered a few other areas of the world where self-governing communities have existed for years.

    I remember being not only refreshed by this docu but also inspired, filled with hope.

    I will add this to the list of videos to watch!


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