Documentary: #ThisIsACoup – How The EU Destroyed the First Radical Left Gov in Modern History

The ultimate Greek tragedy. In my view, Syriza’s fatal error was to limit the referendum to approving (or rejecting) the bailout conditions. They should have sought permission to leave the euro. Finance minister Varoufakis had a Plan B (see Varoufakis Plan B) for creating a parallel currency in place of the euro. Syriza wasted six months trying to negotiate with European banksters when they should have been making plans to dump them.



A homeless man in central Athens.

Director Theopi Skarlatos and producer Paul Mason present #ThisIsACoup, a four part documentary series telling the story of how the European Union destroyed the first radical left government in modern history. Directed by Theopi Skarlatos. Produced by Paul Mason.

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6 thoughts on “Documentary: #ThisIsACoup – How The EU Destroyed the First Radical Left Gov in Modern History

  1. It’s hard to imagine that 25 years ago when I first learned about the Bilderbergs, people who talked about it still regarded it as conspiracy theorists. With the advent of the Internet, it seems to have become general knowledge.


  2. Just finished watching this doc… A situation, similar to many countries, now realizing they have lost their sovereignty… Feels way too close to home…


  3. Remarkable how Greece story went from a huge int’l news story to seemingly forgotten in such a short period of time. Who knows, maybe people will become pleasantly surprised to hear Tsipras announce the Greeks will implement “Plan B”, refuse to repay odious debt, leave the Euro for the Drachma and, as the sign read, “unf*ck” the country. God only knows what power plays are transacted behind closed doors. Wonder if Tsipras was given the choice between coup/assassination or a $billion bribe, or if Greece’ geo-strategic location across the water from Turkey where Russian Black Sea naval must traverse to reach the Mediterranean and Syria/Middle East was part of the final “negotiation”.


    • Down the old memory hole, right? I’m not sure if it was necessary to bribe or threaten Tsipras. I think he really liked the idea of staying in power – unlike Vanoufakis who was willing to give up power for his ideas.


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